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Riding Dubai Public Transport With Children: A Guide for Parents

In this guide we cover if kids are allowed to take public transport alone, what to expect when riding the buses and trains with family, and more

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8 January 2024

Can Children Ride Dubai Public Transport Alone? A Guide for Parents and Kids

Tips for commuting by Dubai public transport with your child.

Planning on riding Dubai's public transit network with a baby or toddler in tow? Our guide is here to help!

While many families opt to commute by car in the UAE, Dubai's public transport system is a great option for its safe travels, clean and comfortable seating, complimentary rides for small children and babies, and dedicated seating sections for ladies and families.

Here's what you need to know when travelling with a baby or toddler by public bus, Dubai Metro, or Dubai Tram in the emirate.

Can I bring strollers in Dubai public buses and trains?

Yes, there are dedicated sections and places for families on Dubai public buses and Metro trains, with spots to keep your baby's stroller.

Do I need a Nol card for my child?

Most passengers require a Nol card to ride the public transport in Dubai, but there are those who are exempt from needing one.

Small kids aged 5 years old and below receive complimentary commuter travel and thus do not require a Nol card. This applies to kids riding public buses, the Dubai Metro, Dubai Tram, and Water Taxi. Accompanying adults and older children, however, will need a Nol card. People of Determination don't require a Nol card as well.

Adults using a Gold Nol card can also bring their little one to the Gold Class Cabin with them, as long as the child is 5 years or below.

Depending on the child's age, they must be accompanied by an adult guardian or parent throughout the commute.

Can I bring baby strollers on Dubai public transport?

Are children allowed to ride Dubai's public transport alone?

Children aged 7 and below

If your child is 7 years old or under, he or she is required to have an adult with them while taking the Dubai public bus, Metro train, tram line, or RTA taxis.

Kids aged 8-11 years old

Kids aged 8 to 11 years old can commute by Dubai Metro train alone, but are required to have a parent or guardian's permission slip. A parent's permission slip is not mandatory for public buses.

Minors aged 12 years old to 17

Children and teenagers aged 12 to 17 years old are allowed to ride public transportation in Dubai without an adult, parent, or legal guardian's supervision.

Are children allowed to ride Dubai metro trains alone?

Dedicated sections for women, children, and families in Dubai's public transport

For a safer and more comfortable trip, we recommend that families and children ride the dedicated sections for them in Dubai's public buses, Metro trains, and trams.

Men who are caught standing or sitting within these sections will be given an AED 100 fine.

Dubai Public Buses with Families

Operated by the Roads and Transport Authorty (RTA), the public buses in Dubai offer comfortable seating for passengers, with some even having free Wi-Fi onboard along with charging outlets.

All of Dubai's public buses have a dedicated seating section for ladies, children, People of Determination, and the elderly. This section is towards the front of the bus, right behind the bus driver.

Dubai Metro Trains with Families

The Dubai Metro trains are also operated by the RTA. There are two transit lines (the Red Line and Green Line), and each train is separated into three separate cabins:

  1. The regular carriages where anyone can enter.
  2. The Gold Class Cabin for passengers who use a Gold Nol card.
  3. Dedicated cabins for ladies, children, elderly, and People of Determination.

The women and children's cabin can be identified by the pink-coloured accents decorating the railcars. There will also be signs on doors informing passengers if they are in the women and children's zone.

Riding Dubai Public Transport With Children: A Guide for Parents

Dubai taxis for Families

Taxis in Dubai don't have a dedicated section just for women, however there are taxis that are exclusive for female passengers and children.

You can book a Dubai Ladies Taxi which only accepts women, families (adult men are not allowed), and young children. Just like the regular taxis and airport cabs, Dubai Ladies Taxis operate under the Dubai Taxi Company (DTC) but stand out for their pink-coloured rooftops and drivers who wear pink uniforms.

These are also the only registered taxis in the emirate with female drivers. All other regular taxis in Dubai are driven by men and accept any paying customer regardless of gender.

Riding Dubai Public Transport With Kids: A Guide for Parents

Getting a Student Nol card for your child

Students enrolled in Dubai are eligible to apply for a Student Nol card (Blue Nol card), which offers 50% off on travel fare. So if a public transport ride costs AED 5 on a Silver Nol card, the same ride will cost AED 2.50 for students using their Blue Student Nol card.

The Student Nol Card can also be applied for by adult residents who are actively enrolled as a college or university student in the UAE.

Eligibility and requirements to get a Student Nol card:

  • Student must be between 5 to 23 years old only.
  • An authorised letter from the UAE-based school, college, or university confirming that the student is currently enrolled.
  • Copy of valid Emirates ID (both sides).
  • Passport sized photo with a white background.

How much does it cost?

A Student Nol card costs AED 70 per application in total (the application will cost AED 50, and the card issuance will be AED 20).

If successful, you can collect your Nol card within a few days. Student Nol cards are valid for a year and can be renewed by following the same procedure.

How to Apply for Kids Student Nol Card Dubai

How to apply for your child's Student Nol card online?

Once you have all of the required documents, you can apply for a Student Blue Nol card online through the official RTA website.

You will receive a reference number by SMS after you've completed the online application. These cards are personalised to the user, and cannot be transferred between different passengers.

Baby Diaper Changing Rooms at the Dubai Metro

You can find diaper changing rooms for your baby located within the women's handicap toilets at any Dubai Metro station.

Please note there are no baby diaper changing stations onboard the public buses or Dubai trams.

Taking Dubai public transport with baby and toddler

Are men allowed in the women, children, and family section?

Men are not allowed in the designated seats for ladies, children, and families in the Dubai public buses and Dubai Metro. This means dads must stay in the general seating areas, but not to worry as the women and children's sections are not completely closed off.

Fathers travelling with their family can stay in the neighbouring cabin just a few steps away while still keeping an eye on their kids. However, if the child is very young, we recommend staying together in the same Silver train cabin or the general bus section instead.