Big Kids Article |

Big Kids Article

Healthy Snack
Properly outline the type of snacks parents should give to children.
Christmas present
This year’s predicted top-selling toys for Christmas Day are revealed
If you’re planning on cutting your child’s hair, here are important things to consider
The Arab Reading Challenge
The winner of this prestigious award gets a prize of AED500,000
Halloween candy
Avoid dental horror with these top tips
Home Entertainment
Running out of ways to keep your kids entertained while at home? Try these super fun ideas without spending big money
Mum and daughter
Yes, it’s actually possible to make kids listen without parents shouting.
NEORUN in Abu Dhabi 2018
The scariest place to GLO is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween with your kiddies... Here's why!
 Educative Shows
Manage what your child is watching by turning on one of these 4 educational TV shows
Sibling Rivalry
You might have seen, you might have experienced it but there’s a way to stop your kids from going through it
Kiddie Cosplay
If October isn’t the month to dress up, it is now with ME Games con coming up you’ll definitely need to step up your kid’s costume game
Mother and daughter reading
With a recent Twitter challenge urging everyone to take a break from their phone, now is a good time to get your child in the habit of reading
When Should Muslim Children Start Fasting?
All you need to know about children fasting...
How To Tell If Your Child Is Gifted
Follow these signs to determine whether you have a gifted child in the family...
5 Most Common Children Illnesses In The UAE And How To Prevent Them
Keep your little ones safe...
Review: The Teddy Bear 5 Children's Book
Enter our giveaway too for a chance to WIN your own copy of this lovely children's book!
Hottest Christmas Toys of 2017 for Boys
Make your little one's festive season special with these toys...
2017's Hottest Christmas Toys For Girls
Barbie who?
Kickstart Your Children’s Memory with These Simple Tips
How do you train your child's brain...
Top 20 Christmas Toys of 2017 - FurReal Roarin Tyler in Dubai
Discover the top 20 toys of Christmas 2017 and where to find them in Dubai
Luvabella Dolls in Dubai and the UAE
It’s predicted to be the hottest toy of 2017 for Christmas already…
The Sweetest Pictures of Kids in Their School Uniforms
Too cool for school
Back-to-School Deals in Dubai 2017
Getting your little ones ready for back-to-school can be exhausting, so here’s some Dubai deals to ease the pain a little.
Who Knew About 22Q? Documentary by Jade Vowles
It's a condition now thought to be as common as Down syndrome
Epic graduation fails
These graduate's first steps into adult life didn't go so well...
Crazy Hairstyles For Girls to Try This Summer
Because school wouldn't allow this sort of thing
15 Insanely Cute Pictures of Kids with Dogs
These are all insanely cute
Combat Head Lice in 4 Easy Steps
You’ve discovered the pesky bugs in your kid’s hair – now what?
Snapchat Snap Map Update
The Snap Map is a cause for concern
Dad locks himself in a car to send important message
His video sends a very important message to all parents