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Pregnancy & Giving Birth Features

Pregnant Woman
Admiring the baby bump is one thing…but touching it is another
Recent research shows there may be risks if women get pregnant again less than a year after having a baby.
Meghan Markle
The Royal Duchess has been hiding her baby bump since September…
Caesarean Births
From breastfeeding to second births, we look into the realities of a c-section...
Putting on too many pounds raises the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth
Morning sickness? Body tenderness? Mood swings? You might be pregnant….
pregnancy companion
Your doula is your pregnancy companion and truly wants what’s best for you and your baby
Special mum
The world is your oyster so enjoy every second of your pregnancy and childbirth because its precious
Placenta Accreta
The pregnancy condition that Kim Kardashian suffered from is on the rise...and here's what you should know
Credit: PA
Let’s just say we should have seen it coming...
The Royal couple
The Royal couple is set to welcome their new baby in the Spring of 2019
Second Pregnancy
Planning on having a second baby? Here’s what you should expect to happen…
Prenatal Vitamins
How they help, if they’re necessary and which ones you should take while pregnant....
Certified Doula
Get quality training in Dubai from the best doulas and start supporting pregnant mums-to-be!
Pampering Treatments
Sit back, put your feet up, relax and enjoy the following 4 simple treatments before you welcome your newborn
Becoming a Doula in dubai: 5 Reasons to Take Child Birth Ed. Training
We need more Doulas in the world!
Fetal Positions
There are 4 different positions that your baby might currently be in…
Fish Rich Diet
Adopting a fish-rich diet when pregnant can help boost your baby’s brain and eye development
Giving birth on a plane
Giving birth on a plane is horrifying for every mother but here’s an upside to the situation
Coping with morning sickness when pregnant
Morning sickness, no more! Here’s six easy ways to alleviate morning sickness symptoms that actually work
Baby Names Set for Extinction in 2018
Say goodbye to these once-trendy names…
UAE inspired baby names
From the unique to the traditional, here are patriotic baby names to consider...
Belly casting with UNA in Dubai
Capture your bump in the most beautiful way with a belly cast in Dubai
Botox Treatments During Pregnancy: Harmful Or Safe?
What you need to know before considering Botox treatments when pregnant...
Research: Holding Your Partner's Hand During Labour Eases Pain
Scientifically proven!
Plus-Size Pregnancy: Is It Safe, And How To Lose Weight During Pregnancy
A plus-size pregnancy can be tricky, so here are some steps to take to ensure you and baby are healthy throughout
Khloe Kardashian Celebrates Lavish Baby Shower With Family And Friends
The baby shower of our dreams!
How To Prepare For Your Baby's Arrival In 10 Steps
The sooner you prepare, the better...
Mothers in Dubai: Do’s and Don’ts to Celebrate Love All Year Round
Annie Ortiz from Unique Natural Birthing gives advice to mothers on how to celebrate San Valentine's Day all year round.
Reasons Behind Back Pain In Pregnancy And How To Prevent It
All you need to know about back pain in pregnancy...