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Pregnancy & Giving Birth Features

UAE Abortion Law Updates
The new changes to the UAE's abortion laws allows pregnant women to take charge when their health is in danger
How unmarried mothers can get a UAE birth certificate for their newborn baby
A guide on whether giving birth out of wedlock is legal in the UAE, and how unmarried mothers can obtain birth certificates
How To Prepare Yourself For A Baby If You Have A Disability
The world is your oyster so enjoy every second of your pregnancy and childbirth because its precious
5 Ways to Avoid Stress in Pregnancy
As research shows stress in pregnancy is linked to problems for children in later life, a parenting expert advises how to minimise prenatal tension
A Guide to Giving Birth With a Doula in Dubai
Because giving birth away from home can be overwhelming...
Water birthing at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai
We cover the benefits and concerns about Water Birth delivery in Dubai
Pregnant Women in Dubai Can Now Get the Covid-19 Vaccine
Women in Dubai who are more than 13 weeks pregnant are now eligible for the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.
7 Skincare Ingredients to Avoid During Pregnancy
A dermatologist outlines the ingredients to watch out for when you’re expecting.
Cravings while pregnant
We take a look at pregnancy cravings with an expert — why they happen, what foods are welcome, what foods should be avoided, and more.
What is Hypnobirthing and is It Suitable for All Pregnant Women?
The technique can help mums-to-be feel more prepared, relaxed, and in control, as hypnobirthing coach Siobhan Miller explains.
How to Eat Healthy When You’re Pregnant and Traveling
Going on a trip while pregnant? Here are the healthy eating tips every mum-to-be should know
Should You Get a Flu Shot While Pregnant in Dubai
Do you need to take a flu vaccination while pregnant? Here's what you need to know
6 Tips to Help You Reduce Stress During Pregnancy
Here’s how to keep your cool during those nine months.
12 Best Skincare Products for Pregnancy and Nursing
The skincare products that are suitable, and most importantly, safe while pregnant or breastfeeding
Anne Hathaway reveals pregnancy
Anne Hathaway reveals pregnancy and she’s not the only famous face who has talked about having difficulty conceiving
7 Of the Best Instagrammers to Follow if You’re Pregnant
All the bump inspo you need
Will Eating Nuts During Pregnancy Make my Baby More Intelligent?
A researcher discusses a recent study looking at how consuming nuts while expecting can boost babies’ development
Taking Duphaston While Pregnant: What You Need To Know
If you're wondering whether to take Duphaston while pregnant, you need to read this first
Baby Registry Checklist
From nursery preparation to toys and safety items... Take a look at our list for inspiration
Most Fashionable Pregnancy Announcements
This is her third child with husband Ryan Reynolds.
What to Pack in your Hospital Bag
Here is the complete checklist...
Meghan markle
The dos and don’ts of skincare for mums-to-be...
Royal Baby
As we await the latest addition to the royal brood. Here’s what Meghan can expect from her first delivery.
Meghan Doing Childbirth Her Own Way
We might be desperate to know all the details, but no woman should have to pose for cameras in heels and a dress hours after giving birth
The Duchess of Sussex
Ready for the labour ward like Meghan? Here’s what to include in your all-important packing.
The Duchess Of Sussex
Talk about bloomin’ chic! Meghan has made mum-to-be style look easy...
Managing Tokophobia
Anxiety around pregnancy and labour can be overwhelming – but there are things that can help
Pregnancy Diet And Exercise
Eating for two is just one of many questionable bits of ‘advice’ mums-to-be often hear... A nutritionist gives Lisa Salmon her take
Pregnancy workout
The fitness star has responded to criticism of her workouts at 24 weeks pregnant
Meghan Markle
No, it’s not ok for them to say, ‘Ooh, your bump’s small!’