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Perks of Water Birthing and Why You Should Consider Giving Birth in Water

We cover the benefits and concerns about Water Birth delivery in Dubai

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29 August 2021

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Water birthing at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai

Have you ever considered water birthing as an alternative option?

Water Birthing has been a recurrent topic of discussion over the years, gaining popularity worldwide with many influencers and celebrities opting for this “new form of birthing”.

Over the last 5 years, this alternative birthing solution has gained huge popularity within the UAE.

There are many benefits that come from water birthing, and it is not only in the newborn’s favour. Water birthing also benefits the mother in many ways, while also making the delivery process easier.

What is water birthing?

Water birth is a natural birthing technique where the mother experiences labour or delivery while her body is immersed in water, making her feel comfortable and relaxed to give her a better experience.

The first water birthing techniques was introduced in Dubai in 2013 by Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, leading to a rise in the demand of water births.

Throughout the labour and delivery process, the mother is immersed in the water bath, while she is monitored by a midwife to ensure a healthy birth.

Additionally, the midwives will guarantee that all the procedures are followed, and the proper equipment will be used to give all the mothers a memorable experience.

Water Birth Delivery in Dubai - Best Dubai Hospital for Water Birth Delivery

Benefits of a Water Birth in Dubai

“There are many advantages that come with a water birth, making women seek out childbirth in water," said Lodmila Chahine, Midwife at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai.

"Experiencing less pain during labour and delivery is the most common advantage along with not requiring any drug use or anesthesia. Many mothers claimed that there was a large reduction of pain in water birth compared to natural delivery," she added.

Additionally, water birth also shortens the period of labor, leading to a quicker delivery.

It lowers the risk of numerous complications which include preventing tearing or episiotomy during delivery and enhancing the blood flow to the uterus.

Water Birth Safety Concerns and Risks

When it comes to the state of the baby during waterbirth, many mothers are concerned on the risks that could occur.

The most common concern would be that the child will drown or swallow too much water. This is unlikely due to the fact that a baby will not breathe until they are taken out of the water and they have the same reflex in drinking milk, which prevents them from choking.

Requirements for a water birth in Dubai

When considering water birth as your delivery option in Dubai, you are required to have a low-risk pregnancy, clear amniotic fluid, be between 37 to 41 weeks pregnant, and have your baby be in the head-down position.

These are some of the pre-requisites that have to be met in order for someone to be eligible to give birth in water.

But with the many benefits that come with water birth, a large number of women are starting to consider water birth as their alternative option.

Water Birth Facility in Dubai

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai introduced the first water birthing techniques in the emirate. From 2013 to today, they continue to offer professional care for pregnant mums and babies.

To consult with a professional about water birthing in Dubai, contact Al Zahra Hospital Dubai below.

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