Laws and Red Tape |

Laws and Red Tape

Homeschooling in the UAE
With the cost of school fees constantly on the rise, it may be a viable option...
Paternity Leave
Three days of paternity leave for fathers in Sharjah
Children's rights
A new resolution was passed on Thursday
Formula Milk
In efforts to protect the women from competitive advertising
Dubai Police warning on free online games
Do your kids play games like Candy Crush? You need to read this warning…
No increase for private school fees in Dubai
Good news for parents in Dubai…
Regulations for Minors Travelling to the UAE
Here's the travel advice to need to know for children entering the UAE…
Slime Toys in UAE Recalled by ESMA
ESMA recalls three different types of slime toys for non-compliance in the UAE
Child Seats Sold In UAE Must Have Quality Mark Now
According to Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology...
Moving To Dubai: Laws On Unmarried Couples
It's strictly illegal for unmarried couples to live together in Dubai...
VAT In UAE: Where Will Parents Be Most Affected
Here is how VAT impacts education and healthcare services...
The Laws on Nanny Cams in Dubai and Where to Buy Them
Thinking of getting a nanny cam while living in Dubai? Here's what to know
Maternity and Paternity Leave Laws in the UAE
Where does the UAE stand on maternity and paternity leave for parents?
Information on maternity insurance in the UAE
Know your options before considering having a baby...
Custody laws and custodial rights of children in the UAE
It's important that parents understand the custodial rights of children in the UAE
Termination in the UAE: What The Law Says
Discover what the laws of the UAE says when it comes to terminating a pregnancy
Tuitions in the UAE may be impacted by VAT
Educating your children in the UAE may get even more expensive.
Hiring a nanny in the UAE
Nannies can be essential to any family with children
Finding a medical insurance that works for you
Here are some essential tips to find a reliable plan.
School rules in the UAE
Is your child starting school soon?
All passengers must wear a seatbelt
The new law requires all passengers to wear seat belts.
All Dubai Taxis Now Need To Have Car Seats For Children
Ubers and Careems included!
Social Media Laws in the UAE
There are laws in place in the UAE that all social media users should be aware of
UAE Privacy Laws All Parents Should Know
It's important to be aware of the serious UAE privacy laws that exist in Dubai