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What You Should Know About Maternity Insurance In The UAE

Know your options before considering having a baby...

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8 October 2017

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Information on maternity insurance in the UAE

If you’re considering starting a family in the UAE, then having maternity insurance is no less important than having health insurance, as the costs of giving birth only can range from AED 20,000 to AED 30,000 including ultrasounds, gynaecologist consultations and hospital stays.

Special medications or antenatal classes are not included in the aforementioned price range, therefore, it’s critical to be aware of the health insurance and maternity cover that you are choosing.

And though almost all health insurances in the UAE include a standard maternity cover, which provides a pregnant woman with AED 7,000 for a standard birth, and 10,000 if a Cesarean (C) section is needed, it is crucial to choose a medical insurance that covers what maternity care you’re opting for, as some insurances cover only government hospitals, and others might include private hospitals or clinics.

Maternity cover benefits aren’t limited to merely giving birth, as it expands to include some prenatal care benefits - such as: regular check-ups at the OB/GYN before childbirth - plus postnatal benefits that include covering any complications that might happen during the first 8 weeks after birth, some maternity covers also provide a newborn care for up to 90 days after born.

Employees in the UAE must have access to health insurance with maternity cover

Did you know? The Dubai Health Insurance Law (11) of 2013 guaranteed all residents and nationals of the emirate (including dependants) should have health insurance, of which the most basic must include maternity coverage.

That means all employees, whether professional or domestic workers, must have the access to health insurance and maternity coverage provided by their employer.

If a worker’s spouse doesn’t work, most companies will provide health insurances for them as well, however, it is advised to double check with the employer before considering having a child, preferably 6 months prior to having the child, as some policies require an early notice before one can use maternity benefit.

Check and be mindful of the waiting periods in place

As indicated earlier, some insurers require a waiting period of six months or more before the policy-holder can actually use the maternity coverage. And if not planned ahead, and the insurance policy is being taken out while the woman is pregnant, the insurance company will add a significant loading on to the premium of one’s policy to include the maternity costs.

The loading could reach up to AED 25,000. Which means it’s financially useless to take out maternity coverage while pregnant.

What about maternity cover for already pregnant women?

If you’re already pregnant, the best solution would be purchasing a maternity coverage from a hospital. Some packages might include room charges and physician fees during child delivery, others could cover prenatal and postnatal exams as well. The basic packages in the UAE start from AED 5,000.