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Big Kids

Halloween candy
Avoid dental horror with these top tips
Organic Recipe
Not liking what your child is eating? Here are 3 organic recipes you can make to switch it up
Food Poisoning in UAE Schools
30 children were taken ill due to contaminated food in 2 schools in Al Ain
10 Easy, Healthy Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love
These are tasty, fun, and easy to make and perfect for Halloween!
Kids try food from around the world
This is the funniest (and sweetest) thing you'll see all day
Prevent summer weight gain for your kids
The summer break might seem a more active time, the reality is very different
Relax your child before bedtime
Struggling with a hyperactive toddler before bed? Here's some helpful advice.
5 stories for bedtime
Who doesn't love a snuggle and a good book before sleeping?
Things keeping your child awake at night
There's no denying it's frustrating when they wake up during the night
Ways to help kids sleep through the night
For a lot of parents sleep is a very pleasant, but vague memory
Mum and daughter
Yes, it’s actually possible to make kids listen without parents shouting.
Sibling Rivalry
You might have seen, you might have experienced it but there’s a way to stop your kids from going through it
A complete guide to the Blue Whale Challenge
Here's everything parents should know about the Blue Whale Challenge, with advice on how to protect your kids
Why Kids Lie And How To Deal With It
When, why and how to deal with children lying...
7 Tips To End The Struggles Of Brushing Children's Teeth
A Pediatric Dentist shares important tips to make mums lives easier...
Possible Signs Of Childhood Cancer Everybody Needs To Be Aware Of
These symptoms don’t always mean cancer – but it’s always best to get things checked
Christmas present
This year’s predicted top-selling toys for Christmas Day are revealed
If you’re planning on cutting your child’s hair, here are important things to consider
The Arab Reading Challenge
The winner of this prestigious award gets a prize of AED500,000
Halloween candy
Avoid dental horror with these top tips
Home Entertainment
Running out of ways to keep your kids entertained while at home? Try these super fun ideas without spending big money