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4 year old

Your child's becoming more and more independent

If you thought your child was learning a lot at the age of 3, now they've hit 4 you'll see them develop even further at a much more high-speed pace. Not only are they building on old skills, but they're picking up everything else that's new super quickly.

At the age of 4, children are typically lively, energetic and sociable; they'll have confidence in talking, drawing, running, building and they'll be ready to use these skills to the fullest when necessary.

4 Year Old Milestones from EWmums

Not only that - but everyone will be fascinating to them. From babies who make them feel tall, to grandparents who can connect with them, to the mail man and even random new faces on the playground.

It's at this age now that you could switch your child from their car seat to a booster seat. But you don't have to do it immediately; check the weight limits on the label of your child's five-point car safety seat. As long as they fit, it's the safest way for them to ride. Otherwise, a booster seat with a shoulder and lap belt will work just as well.

Physical Milestones

At this age, your child should be happily running, climbing, swinging, throwing and kicking balls with ease. Not only that, but they should be able to achieve the following milestones in the coming year:

  • Stand on one foot for longer than 9 seconds
  • Walk up and down stairs without help
  • Walk forwards and backwards with ease
  • Use a tricycle
  • Copy a triangle, circle, square and other shapes
  • Draw a person with a body
  • Use a fork and spoon
  • Do a somersault and hop
  • Dress and undress
  • Brush their teeth
  • Stack 10 or more blocks
  • Language Milestones

    Your inquisitive child will be able to better carry a conversation, and their vocabulary will be growing - as well as their thought process. At this age, your little one should be able to answer simple questions easily and logically, and they may also be expressing how they feel much better.

    Not only that, but they'll probably enjoy singing, rhyming, making up words and will be energetic, silly and a little rowdy at times.

    Other milestones in the language department include:

  • Speak clarly using more complex sentences
  • Correctly name at least four colours and shapes
  • Have a greater attention span
  • Follow two- to three-part instructions
  • Recognise familiar word signs, like 'stop'
  • Know their address and phone number, if taught
  • Cognitive Milestones

    Sure, you've always known you have a smarty-pants for a child, but now's the time that they'll begin to show the rest of the word just how quickly they can learn. By now, numbers, patterns and colours won't be unfamiliar and they'll be able to name different ones.

    Not only that, but some of the most critical cognitive skills are developing right now that are useful for school and life, including; identifying, classifying, comparing, sequencing, contrasting, predicting and problem solving.

    Here's what else your little one may be achieving at the age of four:

  • Count ten or more objects
  • Recognise letters and possibly write their own name
  • Better understand time and the order of daily activities
  • Understand time periods; like in a few minutes, or in an hour, or tomorrow
  • Have a greater attention span
  • Understand tenses, like 'the past' - use baby photos to help with this one
  • Able to play matching games, and with rhyme
  • Emotional and Social Milestones

    At the age of 4, your child will be grasping the ability to understand and recognise their own feelings, and those of others around them. They should now be better able to work through conflicts, and control their own emotions.

    Milestones in the emotional and social skills include:

  • Enjoys playing with other children, and pleasing their friends
  • Sharing and taking turns
  • Understanding and obeying rules
  • Becoming more independent
  • Expressing anger verbally, rather than physically
  • Warning Signals

    Like we always say, children develop and grow at their own pace, so don't worry too much if your child hasn't reached all of these milestones by the age of 4.

    However, you should notice gradual progression as they get closer to 5 years, and if you don't - there may be possible developmental delays. If any of the below occur (or don't), seek advice from your child's doctor.

  • Being extremely afraid, aggressive or shy
  • Being extremely anxious when separated from a parent
  • Being easily distracted and have an inability to focus
  • Not wanting to play with other children
  • Having a limited amount of interests
  • Not making eye contact, or responding to others
  • Unable to say their own name
  • Unable to build a tower using more than 8 blocks
  • Having difficulty holding a pencil/crayon
  • Not eating, sleeping or using the bathroom
  • Unable to undress themselves, or brush their own teeth
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