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10 Life Hacks For Mums Living In Dubai

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31 January 2018

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10 Life Hacks For Mums Living In Dubai

Life in Dubai can get pretty hectic, right? We get it, we’ve thought of hiring a full-time personal assistant as well. But, unfortunately that is just not possible.

However, in the middle of all the chaos of the desert city, arose a couple of life hacks that are, well, life-saving!

Living in Dubai is even more chaotic for mums, and we can’t even start talking about the working mums. Therefore, we gathered some amazing life hacks for mums living in Dubai that can save both time and energy:

1. Take your grocery shopping online

Okay, we know some stuff can’t be found online, and we only remember some stuff when we see them down the supermarket aisles, but you can save yourself energy and time by shopping for groceries online. Get stuff delivered to your place more often, and cut down on those supermarket visits to once or twice a month. If you were wondering how to online grocery shop in Dubai, try some of these apps: Instashop.ae, Sanadeeg, and Souq.com.

2. Keep an extra everything in your car

Always keep an extra pair of shoes, socks, snacks, water bottles, diapers, coats, slippers, and really anything you might need and your child will definitely forget each time you leave the house. This way, you don’t have to turn back home halfway down the journey. Also, keeping an extra pair of slippers for the hubby won’t hurt as well (just saying!)

3. Make the most of leftovers

If you have the time to cook yourself, then save more time by cooking bigger portions and saving them for the next day. This hack can also get your kiddos to finish their plates, if they weren’t keen on having that meatball pasta again the next day.

4. A priority list

Write down a priority list before going to bed each day, and note three important things you need to accomplish tomorrow. This is totally life-saving, because we know how difficult it is to remember those clothes to the laundry.

5. Reuse clothes

Speaking of laundry, whether you send your clothes to the laundry, or you have them cleaned by yourself at home, reusing clothes that are still not dirty can save you both money and energy. For instance: make your kid’s pajamas work for the next day, if he hasn’t spilled his dinner all over them. And if you don’t want those reused clothes to mix with neither the clean nor the dirty ones, keep a special hook for them in the closet or on the wall.

6. Always keep a mascara in your purse

Who has the time to wear makeup when on a school run? No one, that’s the answer. Therefore, always keep a mascara in your purse or car, because you can never know when you’ll have to actually deal with people other than your kids.

7. Free Activities

You don’t yet realise how lucky you are to be living in Dubai, because regardless of how expensive living in Dubai can be, there are still a lot of free activities and entertainment almost everywhere. Check out our list of top 5 free family activities in Dubai to start saving money.

8. Shower In The Night

Always shower before going to bed, because we know how hectic school runs can be in the mornings. Showering in the night also gives your the time to try on it's own while you're asleep, and that's one less problem to worry about.

9. Ready-To-Go Breakfast

Have a ready-to-go breakfast prepared the night before to save time in the morning. This breakfast can be egg, turkey, cheese wraps, oatmeal in the crockpot, or even fruits.

10. Turn Cleaning Into A Game

Have the whole family members help you clean the house by making it a fun activity. And most importantly, teach your kids to clean and tidy up after themselves constantly. You can try a game with them, and tell them that any toy on the floor will be eaten by the vacuum.