How to Get Kids to Drink Water During Summer |

6 Genuinely Helpful Tricks for Getting Kids to Drink Enough Water in Hot Weather

Handy tips for keeping your little ones hydrated in the sunshine

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3 July 2019

6 Genuinely Helpful Tricks for Getting Kids to Drink Enough Water in Hot Weather

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Grab the extra sun cream - temperatures have really ramped up recently!

The summer has most definitely started, and forecasters are predicting further toasty temperatures in the next few weeks across Dubai and the UAE.

We all know that when it’s hot, we need to drink more water to avoid dehydration and replenish our bodies of the water lost through sweating. Let’s face it though, getting kids to sit still for a second to drink some water when it’s sunny outside can be hard work – especially when there are so many tempting fizzy drinks on the market.

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Nutritionists recommend that kids should drink around 6-8 glasses of fluid per day, although the amount they need depends on many factors including age, gender, the weather and how much physical activity they do.

If water tantrums feature in your household on hot days, we’ve put together some healthy hacks for encouraging kids to chug down more H2O. You can thank us later…

1. Buy them a fun cup

6 Genuinely Helpful Tricks for Getting Kids to Drink Enough Water in Hot Weather

It’s amazing what sticking your child’s favourite TV character on a reusable cup can do for their enthusiasm to stay hydrated.

Have a browse on the internet together and let your child pick out their own special drinking vessel – it could be a Dora the Explorer mug that’s covered in sparkles and glitter, or a colourful Toy Story 4 bottle that they’ll be keen to carry everywhere.

You could also invest in some reusable silly straws to keep them entertained while taking a water break. Make sure the cup and straws are in a cupboard that’s in easy reach so your child can always access them when they need it.

When it comes to water, one of the biggest complaints from kids is that it doesn’t taste as good as fizzy drinks or sugary squash.

If your little ones have a particularly strong sweet tooth, wean them off the bad stuff by infusing water with some fresh fruit slices and tasty herbs.

Simply chop them up and pop them in – you can even get special infuser bottles too that keep the fruit chunks in a separate container to the water so there are no bits floating about for fussy kids.

Our favourite kid-friendly flavours are strawberries, mint, lemon, oranges and cucumber.

You can get ice cube trays in all kinds of fun shapes these days like stars, love hearts and animals.

Pop a few berries into the tray before freezing to add a fun and appealing splash of colour to a plain old glass of water. The kids will love picking out their favourite cubes to garnish their drinks.

4. Set a good example

Setting new hydrating rules won’t go down well if you’re kicking back with a can of Coca Cola while the kids are miserably sipping water.

Be a role model and keep topping yourself up with H2O too. That way, they’ll feel more inclined to copy mum and dad.

A star system is a great incentive to get kids drinking more water.

For instance, you could challenge them to drink their recommended amount of water for one whole week, and if they manage to stick to it, you’ll take them on an extra special fun and healthy weekend activity in the sunny weather – like mini golf or an outdoor treasure hunt.

Try not to bribe them with toys though. Keep incentives to healthy, family-inclusive activities that will get them outdoors and enjoying the benefits of exercise.

6 Genuinely Helpful Tricks for Getting Kids to Drink Enough Water in Hot Weather

It’s all well and good ordering kids to drink more water, but if they don’t understand the importance of staying hydrated, you can’t expect them to take your demands seriously.

Spend a morning with them explaining how water is super important for their whole body to feel fit and healthy, and that without it they can easily feel tired, cranky and experience headaches.

Another tip: kids can often get sidetracked and forget to drink water throughout the day, so you could set timed alerts on your phone to prompt the whole family to take a drinking break. That way, you can all stay hydrated in the heat.