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A Guide to Children's Rights in the UAE: How to Report Child Abuse

Children's rights are legally protected under UAE law. Here's what you need to know, including how to report cases of child abuse in the UAE

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18 March 2024

How to report to child protection services in the UAE

The UAE's law regarding child protection applies to all minors below 18.

Children in the UAE are protected as per the local law.

Any parent, guardian, or adult who puts a child in danger, neglects them, abuses, abandons, leaves them without proper supervision, does not enroll them in school, or fails to register the child upon their birth will be subject to legal penalties.

What does the UAE law say about children's rights?

As per Wadeema's Law, or Federal Law no. 3 of 2016 Concerning Child Rights, all children in the UAE must have appropriate living standards, access to education, access to healthcare, and they have the right to get equal opportunities to essential services and facilities without discrimination.

Under this law, children are protected against all forms of physical and psychological abuse, negligence, and exploitation.

If the child abuse, endangerment, or neglect is severe, childcare specialists in the UAE are able to remove children from their homes against their parents' wishes, in order to keep the child safe. Depending on the case, the person guilty may be subject to a prison sentence or have to pay a fine or both.

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But if the case is not that severe, childcare specialists may help families in working towards a solution, such as regular child visitations, providing social services, etc.

Child protection programmes in the UAE

How to Report Child Abuse in the UAE

If you need to report a case of child abuse in the UAE, you can do so through any of the following ways.

UAE Ministry of Interior (MOI)

Call MOI through 116111, visit the Child Protection Centre's official website, or email [email protected]

You can also download the Hemayati app available on the App Store and Google Play to report child abuse and domestic violence.

Community Development Authority (CDA)

You can also call the CDA on 800988 to report child abuse in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Police

The local police can also offer their protection services. Abu Dhabi residents can contact 026573699 or [email protected]

Abu Dhabi Shelter and Humanitarian Care Centre (Ewa'a)

Formerly known as the 'Ewa'a Shelter for Women and Children', the non-profit organisation now goes by the 'Abu Dhabi Shelter and Humanitarian Care Centre (Ewa'a)' and takes in cases of human trafficking. Please contact them on 8007283.

Dubai Police

Dubai Police's Child and Women Protection Department can offer help, simply contact them at 042744666 or [email protected]

How to report child abuse in the UAE

Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC)

DFWAC offers immediate protection services and support for women and children in Dubai. You can contact them at 800111.

Sharjah's Child Protection Centre

For UAE residents in Sharjah, call the helpline number at 800700 to get in touch with the emirate's Child Protection Centre.

Ajman's Hemaya Foundation for Children and Women

Report cases of child abuse in Ajman to the Hemaya Foundation for Children and Women. Their hotline number is 800446292.

UAE Ministry of Education (MoE)

The Ministry of Education has a Child Protection Unit - you can contact their team by calling 80085 or emailing [email protected]

Report domestic violence to the UAE Ministry of Community Development

For more channels where you can report cases of family violence or child abuse in the UAE, please visit the UAE Ministry of Community Development's official website.

Protection of children's online data in the UAE

The Dubai Data Law (Law no. 26 of 2015 on the Organisation of Dubai Data Publication and Sharing) aims for data protection and privacy of all individuals including children's.