Not Ovulating: Signs, Reasons, And How To Promote Regular Ovulation |

Not Ovulating: Signs, Reasons, And How To Promote Regular Ovulation

Are you worried you might not be ovulating regularly? Here is everything you need to know about ovulation.

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28 January 2022

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Not Ovulating: Signs, Reasons, And How To Promote Regular Ovulating

Know your eggs!

You can’t see it or feel it, and you’re not even aware of it happening, ovulation is just like breathing, done automatically by our bodies without us thinking about it or interfering, most of the times.

Ovulation is what keeps our periods regular, and allows us to get pregnant, that is, it’s the release of an egg from our ovaries. And usually the easiest way to tell if you’re ovulating regularly (if you’re not on birth control) is by tracking your menstrual cycle. Meaning, if you’re getting your period every 28 days (or in the range 21-35) your egg-laying department is most probably doing okay. But, when you’re not ovulating how you’re supposed to, your period will be all over the place, with cycles as long as 45 days or more.

But our periods play games with us all the time, so they can’t be the one and only detector, especially if you’re worried you have an ovulating problem. So, here are a couple of other ways to tell if you’re ovulating or not:

1. Keep an eye on your BBT

BBT stands for basal body temperature which can tell you a lot about what’s happening around your body, especially your uterus, if you keep an open eye.

Record your body temperature every morning, preferably at the same time, using a thermometer. If you’re ovulating, your temperature should spike around midcycle, and stays up until the end, to drop when you start your period. If your temperature doesn’t change, or constantly fluctuates, there could be something off with your ovulating.

2. Look for physical signs of ovulating

Your body send you all sorts of signs when it’s ovulating, including physical signs like: wet and slimy nether regions, bloating, and a change in your regular discharge to a clearer and smoother one.

If you’re not experiencing these signs, you might want to investigate more.

3. Use ovulating predictor kits

Ovulating Predictor Kits, or OPK, are basically sticks you pee on them for a couple of days in a row, and they detect the presence of luteinizing hormone which is released usually right before ovulating.

What are some reasons you're not ovulating?

  1. Stress
  2. Significantly overweight
  3. Or Markedly underweight
  4. Unhealthy nutrition
  5. Excessive exercise
  6. Breastfeeding
  7. Hormonal irregularities
  8. Thyroid Dysfunction
  9. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
  10. Perimenopause or ovarian failure

    5 Ways to Promote Regular Ovulation

    1. Diet: Make sure you indulge in a lot of complex carbs like whole grains, brown rice, vegetables, beans, high fiber foods.
    2. Exercise: Exercise regularly but not excessively. 30-60 minutes a day, five days a week are more than enough.
    3. Weight: Extra fat cells can suppress the hormones needed to trigger ovulation, and being underweight can also throw your hormonal balance out of whack. So try to maintain a healthy balanced weight.
    4. Stress: We know the last things you probably want to hear is this, but you know, just relax and don’t stress about it.
    5. Herbal intake: Herbal supplements help our bodies get back to harmony and regularity. So don’t hesitate to get the help your body needs through these natural options.