How to Report a Missing Child in the UAE |

How to Report a Missing Child in the UAE: For Residents and Tourists

A quick and handy guide on how to report a missing child in the UAE, applicable whether you're an expat resident or a tourist

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18 March 2024

How to report a missing child in the UAE

Don't panic - here's how you can report a missing child.

A child going missing in the UAE can be a scary moment for parents, perhaps even more so for expats or tourists. But not to worry as the country's authorities have a system in place for reporting missing children in the UAE to increase the chances of locating the child.

Here's a quick guide on how temporary visitors or UAE residents can report a missing child.

Call the Local Police

If you're a parent, guardian, or relative, and a child in your care has gone missing, you must immediately report it to the local police.

For missing persons, please call 999 for the police's hotline. You will need to provide as much information as possible about the missing child and the circumstances in which he or she was last seen.

Reporting a missing child near or in the ocean or sea.

If a child has gone missing near or while in the ocean or sea, please call the Coast Guard's emergency hotline at 966 so they can begin immediate search and rescue operations.

How to report missing persons in the UAE

Nedaa Service on Facebook

What is the Nedaa service?

When you report your missing child case to the police, authorities will alert the Child Protection Centre at the UAE Ministry of Interior (MoI) who will then carry out the Nedaa service.

The Nedaa service is when ministry officials send out an urgent alert to Facebook users in the area where the child has reportedly gone missing, to increase the likelihood of locating the lost child.