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Our Big List of Indoor Activities for Kids in Dubai
Wondering what to do while the kids are indoors all day? Our list of 50 boredom-busting activities will keep children entertained and busy.
10 Clever Daytime Hacks to Help Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep
A child sleep expert outlines simple things to do during the day to help children settle better at night.
Does Your Child Need Vitamin D Supplements in the UAE?
Nearly 80% of UAE residents are vitamin D deficient. Here's how to properly supplement your kid the sunshine vitamin during winter
How to Make Sure Your Child has a Nutritionally Balanced Lunchbox
Time to ditch the same old sandwiches.
10 Tips for Handling a Long Layover With Kids
Travelling with the kids? Here are ten ways to actually enjoy your family's next layover - no matter where it is
10 Effective Parenting Tricks for Separation Anxiety
These parenting tips are just the answers to soothing separation anxiety for both the mum and little one
Children's first aid skills parents should know
Half of parents don’t know how to do CPR on a child, an expert outlines the most important first aid skills parents should have
How to Manage Your First Holiday Season With Your Baby
The holidays change when you're a parent. If you're spending it with your baby, here are some ways to make your spirits bright this year.
That 'quality time' you think you're having with your kids probably isn't as 'quality' as you think
Why Playing Board Games is So Good for Kids
If your children spend too much time online, experts suggest gathering them for a games session with the family
Cyberbullying guide for parents
Top tips on how to protect your children from the threats associated with online bullying
7 Ways to Fit Just 10 Minutes of Nature into Your Day as a Family
Let mother nature improve your wellbeing
How Do I Know if My Child is Addicted to Gaming?
As treatment for young gaming addicts becomes more easily available, an expert explains what parents should look out for.
10 Tips for Travelling With a Baby for the First Time
Here are some expert advice on travelling as a young family.
How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Levels in Children
As new research shows over half of parents report their kids feeling stressed, here are some practical steps for the whole family to take.
9 Ways to Protect Children During a Bitter Divorce
Children can be used as weapons when their parents separate. Family experts explain how to shield them from the stress of a bitter split.
6 Reasons Why it’s Important to Read Bedtime Stories to Your Kids
As well as helping children relax, reading them a bedtime story boosts their learning and improves bonding with parents
5 European Island Getaways Fit For Sun-Seeking Families
Please the whole clan by booking a break with activities on offer for all ages
6 Common Suncare Mistakes Not To Make This Summer
We get an expert’s advice on how to sunbathe safely.
9 Realities of Going on a Family Holiday With Young Children
There’s nothing more exciting than rising at crack of dawn to go on a family holiday… For the kids
The Best Bedtime Audiobooks for Children and Teens
Avoid techno-tantrums by swapping their tablet for one of these gripping night-time tales.
5 Shows for Your Child to See the World With More Diverse View
Here are some ideas if you’re finding TV shows limited in terms of representation
Why are Parents Buying a 'Dumbphone' for Their Kids?
Yes, you can still buy a Nokia 3310 in 2019
Top Tips for Entertaining Kids While Staying Sane During Summer
We love having our kids around, in theory…
This is What to do if Your Child Gets Stung this Summer
Bug and insect bites can be troublesome things, but don’t let that ruin your kids’ playtime... Here’s how to soothe a sting
7 Tips for Parents Taking Their Baby to a Wedding
Have a wedding coming up, and your little one is attending too? Here's some advice
Children Learn Through Play
Play is a vital part of child development – and it’s fun for parents too.
Long-Haul Flights with Kids
Whether it’s a diaper explosion, a screaming meltdown, or excruciating ear pain during take-off, you have to be prepared for every eventuality.
Single Mum
Single mum Genevieve Roberts tells us why she chose a sperm donor to father her beloved daughter and her unborn baby.
When Should You Take Your Child To The Doctor With A Fever?
Fever in children usually shows their body is fighting a minor virus. A paediatrician explains when a fever might be more serious, and what to do.