Tips For Parents To Raise A Confident And Strong Girl |

Tips For Parents To Raise A Confident And Strong Girl

Tips and advice for parents of girls...

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21 December 2020

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How To Raise A Confident And Strong Girl

Here are some ideas to help you raise powerful daughters...

Raising girls can be challenging and complicated, as all parents strive for bringing up confident, strong, independent girls, who can stand tall in front of all the society threats and pressures, and become their best self.

However, building confidence and high self-esteem in girls isn’t as easy as it sounds like, especially between pre-school and middle school when society starts sending mixed signals.

And if you’re wondering how to raise your daughters to believe in their full potentials, and increase their self-esteem, here are some tips we think might help:

Build assertiveness

Encourage your daughter to express herself and her needs to adults, and be strong amongst her peers. Meaning, if some other child is being mean to her, she should let them know that she doesn’t like the way they’re talking to her, and that it is not okay for them to treat her that way.

Be specific when complimenting her

For instance, use concrete examples when complimenting how smart your daughter is, by saying things like: you have a very good memory, or you’re really good with numbers.

Be realistic

A third-grader can surely know if she’s good at dancing or if she’s not a music genius. Therefore, make your praise match reality, and focus on her improvement from time to time.

Explain why she gets left out sometimes

Help your daughter understand that when she doesn’t get invited to some other child’s birthday party, or when she doesn’t get to join every game, that’s probably because of the other children’s bad moods and behaviour, and it’s not her.

Encourage competence

Don’t rush to help your daughter with her homework after her first failed attempt at doing them herself, and rather encourage her to try doing it herself, and tell her you believe she can do it with no help.

Pursue her interests

Don’t make assumptions about her interests, strength, or weaknesses. For instance, just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she wouldn’t want to go fishing or try out for Little League. Show her that her interests are suitable and it’s fine for her to play with cars or dress up as Batman on Halloween.

Encourage a healthy body image

Body image is probably one of the most problems girls deal with growing up. When your daughter asks if she’s pretty, give her an enthusiastic yes, praise her appearance constantly, and highlights what makes her different from other girls.

Point out positive female role models

Show your daughter how women are accomplishing great things around the world, and tell her stories about female leaders and how they fought hard to become who they are now. Also, consider reading books with strong female characters for bedtime story.