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For UAE Mums

Self-Care Products for New Mums
The more you care for yourself, the more energy and piece of mind you will have...
Have a memorable weekend away in RAK with the family this summer
Who said occasion wear for Iftar was only for the adults?
Why you should attending EWmum Show 2019
The 2019 edition of our EWmums Show is happening on March 30
Interview with Kathy Hoopmann for Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2019
"Then when a family member was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, I became fascinated with the Asperger mind..."
Back To School
The alarm’s gone off on another term, but you can make it smoother with these hacks.
Baby Powder
Several rumours were shut down…
These newborns were welcomed in the first seconds of 2019
Paternity Leave
Three days of paternity leave for fathers in Sharjah
Children's rights
A new resolution was passed on Thursday
Formula Milk
In efforts to protect the women from competitive advertising
Hello Kitty Run
It's an explosion of pink and Hello Kitties!
A great first step to eradicating bullying in the UAE
Elf On The Shelf
The US Christmas tradition that is becoming very popular around the world
Sara Sadik
This hilarious Dubai-based mother and author just launched her first ever book
Superhero Wild Run
The Superhero Wild Run has partnered up with Babyshop and Disney to support special kids in Dubai
Kid on mobile
An alarming number of young children in the UAE get their first mobile phone at the age of 7 years old
Santa Claus
Bring your kids along on the day and don't miss all the fun at our huge, annual Festive Family Fair this year!
Sports Reporter
Want to finally test out your kid’s dream of being in front of a camera, here’s your chance
Middle East Games Con
Don't miss out on the region's LARGEST and most EXCITING gaming event this year!
Dubai School
A school in Dubai has removed a childrens book about same-sex marriage from their library
Eating At School
A new digital platform will allow parents to “see” what their children are eating from school canteens in Dubai
Students to Get Free School Supplies in the UAE
A total of 10,000 schoolchildren from low-income families will benefit
Rachael Salahat
We caught up with Rachael, an Abu Dhabi mum of twins, to find out what her take is on raising a family in the Capital...
Ivy Youssef
We caught up with Ivy, a Lebanese mum-of-two and speech-language therapist, to find out what her take is on starting and raising a family in sunny Dubai...
Asma Sohani
We interviewed our very own EWmums meetup host, Asma, to ask her what life is like as an expat mum in Dubai...
Asiya Nasir
We caught up with Asiya Nasir, founder of Mama Basic Blog and our EWmums meetup host, to learn more about her journey as an expat mum in the UAE...
Family-Friendly Iftars in Dubai
Here are the best iftar feasts for the whole family to enjoy during the Holy Month…
5 Family-Friendly Easter Activities In Dubai
Some of the most eggsellent in town!
20 Cosplay Ideas For Comic Con In Dubai
Get your game on...