Book a Home Service and Get a FREE Toy With Transguard Living |

Book a Home Service and Get a FREE Toy With Transguard Living

Just in time for the festive season, Transguard Living will give away a FREE plush mascot with every service booked in December and January!

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16 December 2020

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You Can Get a FREE Stuffed Toy Just By Cleaning Your Dubai Home

Collect them all!

Everyone loves the holiday season, but they're more so magical for children. Santa, festive sweets, and quality time with family... what could be better? Well, the presents of course! And there's no gift more ideal for kids than a soft and cuddly stuffed plush toy.

Starting this month, Transguard Living, Dubai’s leading home services company, will be giving away a FREE plush version of each of their adorable furry mascots with every home services job.

Simply book a clean, fix, move or smart service and once the work is complete, the team will leave behind one of the adorable teddies, each of which has been hygienically placed in its own sanitized gift box.

The mascots will also come to life through mini animations on social media.

So, who are the Transguard Living mascots?

Inspired by the native Arabian Mau cat, Danny, Lola, Zain and Nour are the company’s new mascots, each with their own unique personality and quirks!

Meet Danny (Clean)

Transguard Living mascot Danny

Pictured: Danny

Danny the “Clean Machine” is an eternal optimist – there is nothing he cannot get spick and span, and he loves a good mess so he can put his skills to work. From deep cleaning to the daily once-over, there’s no cleaning challenge too small for him.

He's perfect for the little ones who love to keep things spotless at home.

Meet Zain (Fix)

Transguard Living mascot Zain

Pictured: Zain

Got a mini Bob-The-Builder at home who loves to fix things?

Zain the Mr. Fix-It-All loves taking care of all your household upkeep needs, both large and small – from tightening a leaky faucet to fitting-out your home for a complete refresh. He’s street smart, stands up for what he believes in, and is very technically minded.

Meet Lola (Move)

Transguard Living mascot Lola

Got a new place? Call the Move Maven to make sure your valuables are well taken care of. This ultimate cool girl packs, moves, unpacks and sets you up – she’s all about making sure this big change in your life is as smooth as possible.

Meet Nour (Smart)

Transguard Living mascot Nour

Ms. Super Smart is a technology wizard, rightfully compared to the likes of Hermione Granger and Elon Musk – she can make your home a futuristic haven with her brilliance in high-tech creativity.

From home security to environmentally-friendly energy, water, and other smart cost-saving solutions, Nour has your back!

Stocks are limited, so call or 'click to contact' below to book now and avoid disappointment.

About Transguard Living

Established in 2017, Transguard Living offers home maintenance, cleaning and moving services across the UAE. As the first dedicated home services company to offer support countrywide, Transguard Living delivers a comprehensive suite of services to individuals, landlords, property developers and real estate agents. The difference is the expert level of service quality from their dedicated and specially-trained staff. Every member of the Transguard Living team receives training to the same standard as Transguard Group’s B2B staff, who provide housekeeping and maintenance services to the company’s luxury hotel and commercial clients.

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