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Baby Development Stages

Time to babyproof the place.

Babies development 8 months

They’ve recently discovered the world of crawling, grabbing and eating so naturally, things will get (a little bit) out of hand. They will be forever wriggling out of your grasp and onto the floor. Their curiosity will also mean occasional falls and minor scraps.

Now, instead of freaking out and restricting them, get on with babyproofing place. Use gates on stairs, electric covers and padded corners on tables, and fireplace ledges to keep your eight-month-old safe. Also, remember to always use the safety straps on your stroller and high chair.

Of course, this limitation will frustrate your kid so expect frequent outburst and tantrums but don’t give in. Well, not all time.

The best thing to do is involve them in reading, learning toys and household activities. Babies learn how to be social through their families and communities.

From learning to crawl, to the terrible twos – here’s the development stages for your baby

Baby Development Stages

Babies grow in very unique ways… The baby that learns to sit up before her peers might be the last one who learns how to rollover or crawl. Nonetheless there are some milestones that you can expect from your little one at different stages of these early months of their lives.

That’s why we have created these special developmental guides to help you in this very important stage. Use our calendar below to find out what you can expect when!