WATCH: A Baby Hilariously Tried to Sneak Into Business Class |

A Baby Tried to Sneak Into Business Class and We Can't Stop Relating

This adorable baby was caught by a flight attendant trying to sneak away from Economy Class!

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23 March 2021

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Baby sneaks into Emirates Airline Business Class flight

When it comes to wholesome content on the internet, nothing is better than videos of babies and pets.

And we've found another one that’s guaranteed to make you smile.

In a moment sure to resonate with many Economy Class flyers, a baby onboard an Emirates Airline flight was filmed trying to sneak her way into an upgrade from Economy to Business Class.

Caught by a flight attendant, the little opportunistic tot - with all her smiles and giggles - was crawling past the Economy/Business divider several times before her papa pulled her back.

The video was shared on TikTok by user @arwa.tarek93 and has been viewed over 380,000 times, and the comments can't stop relating.

"She is like nope I don't belong there, business class here I come," one person said.

Another user commented: "She knows what she wants"!

Watch the hilariously adorable video here:


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