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7 Foods To Avoid When You’re Trying To Get Pregnant

From peas to soy, here's what you shouldn't be eating...

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2 March 2021


(Updated) We told you about the food you should be eating…

But what about the food you shouldn’t be eating when you’re trying to have a baby?

It’s easy to forget that some foods aren’t healthy…especially with those monster cravings you’ll get as your hormones rush through the roof.

Not the mention the thousands of research telling you what is good and what is bad that just basically leaves you feeling frustrated.

And hungry.

Women should always be conscientious when it comes to their health but even more so when trying to bare a baby.

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While certain foods may not be harmful to you right away, they can slow down or reduce your chances of fertilization – which means it could be harder for you to have a baby down the road.

So try your best to avoid the following


1. Trans Fats

You’ve probably heard the saying, “some fats are good for you” and while some are, others are not.

Trans fats can be found in chips, fast foods, candies, cakes and a lot more stuff that can affect your fertilization.

It has been linked to being one of the causes of low fertility in women and can affect the production of insulin in the body.

2. Sugar

Everything tastes sweeter with a little bit of sugar, but a whole lot of sugar will not have a sweet ending.

Refined sugar and carbohydrates remove key nutrients in a woman’s body that are responsible to boost fertility.

Lots of sugar can increase insulin in the body making it harder to reach optimal fertilization.

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3. Soy

New research suggests that soy-based foods should be avoided during fertilization in a woman’s body – however, there are many critics of this theory.

Certain compounds that are present in soy can affect the way that estrogen works in a woman’s body, which can obstruct the sperms that are swimming to fertilize the egg.

4. Fizzy drinks

These satisfying cold drinks can no longer be a part of your life when you’re trying to have a baby.

Soft drinks and sodas that are aerated are high in corn syrup, fructose and preservatives that obstruct the body’s ability to consume proper nutrition.


5. Peas

This may be an odd one and even though peas are regarded as healthy, some research suggests against the consumption of peas.

There has been recent research that links back to several cases from as far back as centuries ago that link between consuming peas and lower birth rates with women.

Peas tend to act like soybeans and release chemicals that can attack the sperm as soon as it makes its way to the egg.

6. Eggs

Eggs aren’t the real problem here – it’s the uncooked eggs that are the culprits.

Unevenly cooked eggs or raw eggs can spread the salmonella virus which can affect fertilization in the woman’s body.

Some eggs that aren’t free organic, tend to have a lot of antibiotics injected into the animals and can mess with your hormones when you’re trying to expand your family.

7. Cheese

This is the one we’re most sad about – because cheese is life!

Sounds a bit cheesy doesn’t it?

But if you’re trying to have a baby, you have to find some will and way to part ways with this delicious food.

Cheese can often contain lots of bacteria in them, especially if uncooked and those can hard your chances of getting pregnant.

So always try to cook your cheese before consuming any when you’re on your journey to becoming a mum.

Fondue counts as cooked cheese, right?