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These newborns were welcomed in the first seconds of 2019
Sindhu Arbani Shares Her 'Giving Birth in Dubai' Story
Sindhu went through 15 hours of labour...
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A guide to water births in Dubai
This alternative method of childbirth is still relatively new to Dubai and the UAE
Prenatal tests available in Dubai
Some are routine, some mandatory and others optional depending on your preferences
8 Tips for Taking Your Kids to the Theatre in the UAE
Ahead of the spectacular theatrical show of The Little Mermaid in Dubai, here are some top tips to help you and your little one enjoy the onstage adventure.
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Mums' Day Out with ExpatWoman 2020
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British Author Maz Evans on Crafting a Superb Story For Children
"Being part of a literature festival is just exhilarating – so much creativity in one space."
How To Teach Children To Enjoy Running
Ahead of the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon 2020, here's how you can inspire your little strider to find a lifelong love of running
Homeschooling in the UAE
With the cost of school fees constantly on the rise, it may be a viable option...
Paternity Leave
Three days of paternity leave for fathers in Sharjah
Children's rights
A new resolution was passed on Thursday
Formula Milk
In efforts to protect the women from competitive advertising
Dubai Police warning on free online games
Do your kids play games like Candy Crush? You need to read this warning…
No increase for private school fees in Dubai
Good news for parents in Dubai…