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These newborns were welcomed in the first seconds of 2019
Sindhu Arbani Shares Her 'Giving Birth in Dubai' Story
Sindhu went through 15 hours of labour...
How To Apply For UAE Residency Visa, Passport, Emirates ID For Newborns In Dubai
Follow these steps for a hassle free procedure...
The Procedure of Registering Your Child's Birth in Dubai
All the details you should know, and the paper work you need to do...
A guide to water births in Dubai
This alternative method of childbirth is still relatively new to Dubai and the UAE
Prenatal tests available in Dubai
Some are routine, some mandatory and others optional depending on your preferences
Family activities at Expo 2020 Dubai
The event is open for all ages, and here is our guide to the very best things to do and see at Expo 2020 Dubai for families (must-sees!)
Sinopharm Vaccine Approved for Children in the UAE Aged 3 and Above
The minimum age to receive a Sinopharm vaccine in the UAE has been reduced to 3 years old
Jojo's Art House Dubai interview
We spoke with Jojo Chappell, Founder of Jojos Art House, on mindfulness, self-confidence and expression through art for children.
Emirates Airline Festival of Literature | Stephanie Robert interview
Expat mum and children's author Stephanie Robert talks Emirates LitFest, her latest book, and her key advice parents need to help their kids emerge as confident children.
Isabel Thomas interview - Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
"A good children’s science book is nothing like a textbook. It’s an opportunity to tell a complete story that helps children make connections between bite-sized facts and the bigger picture."
Children's Authors Not to Miss at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature
Kids will be spoiled for choice of books, authors, influential figures, and activities at the 2021 Emirates Literature Festival
Homeschooling in the UAE
With the cost of school fees constantly on the rise, it may be a viable option...
Paternity Leave
Three days of paternity leave for fathers in Sharjah
Children's rights
A new resolution was passed on Thursday
Formula Milk
In efforts to protect the women from competitive advertising
Dubai Police warning on free online games
Do your kids play games like Candy Crush? You need to read this warning…
No increase for private school fees in Dubai
Good news for parents in Dubai…