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Water Births in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know About Having One

This alternative method of childbirth is still relatively new to Dubai and the UAE

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28 August 2017

A guide to water births in Dubai

First introduced for mums-to-be in Dubai back in 2015 at Al Zahra Hospital, water births are rapidly becoming a popular alternative method of birth in Dubai.

While the thought of going through childbirth in water might be off-putting to some, the unique method of giving birth in Dubai has several cons for expectant mums.

This watery way of baby birth comes complete with mood lighting, stools and ropes and birthing balls – all with the aim to make a mother-to-be as comfortable as possible to born a baby.

After all, labour can be a terrifying prospect, and so the freedom to move around helps women in labour to be completely relaxed as she prepares to bring new life into the world.

What are the benefits of labouring in water?

There are several pros for Dubai mums who wish to undergo labour in the water. Namely, it can be relaxing and offers pain-relief benefits as the water supports a laboring mum-to-be’s weight (up to 75% in fact!) and offers a sense of privacy.

Other benefits include:

  • Less painful contractions
  • The relaxing effect of warm water helps to produce endorphins – the body’s natural pain relief
  • Shorter labour
  • Mobility is easier
  • More likely to achieve a natural birth
  • More enjoyable labour experience
  • Water helps to relax the pelvic floor muscle and soften the perineum – thus reducing the risk of tearing
  • A more gentle birth for your baby
  • Breastfeeding can be encouraged immediately
  • Feelings of being in control
  • A guide to water births in Dubai

    How does water birthing work?

    Basically, a labouring mum-to-be would be placed into a birth pool, combined with soothing lighting to help increase the relaxation and comfort for her.

    In fact, research suggests that for healthy women with straightforward pregnancies and in full term labour (after 37 weeks gestation) can use the water for labour and birth, as it is just as safe as a land birth.

    Healthy babies who cope well with labour can be born in the pool, as they won’t draw their first breath until they’re brought to the surface into the air.

    However – if your doctor or midwife has concerns that the baby is distressed or compromised during labour, they will advise you not to birth in the pool.

    What are the risks of a water birth?

    The main concern for most expectant mothers is that the baby will breathe whilst still submerged in the water; this is highly unlikely if the pregnancy has been uncomplicated, and there are tools that prevent this from occurring.

    For instance, temperatures are controlled throughout the water birth and carefully monitored to prevent a drop that might prompt the baby to breathe. They are regulated between 35 to 37 degrees in the first stages of labour, and at 37 degrees Celsius for the birth.

    By ensuring the baby’s head is totally submerged throughout the delivery, it helps to prevent the breathing reflex from kicking-in until they’re clear of the water.