How To Apply For A Residency Visa and Passport For Your Newborn In Dubai |

How To Apply For A Residency Visa and Passport For Your Newborn In Dubai

Follow these steps for a hassle free procedure...

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11 October 2017

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How To Apply For UAE Residency Visa, Passport, Emirates ID For Newborns In Dubai

Having a baby in the UAE can be a bit overwhelming considering all the paper work expats have to go through, however, it could be hassle-free if you’re already aware of every step of the process.

The paper work in the country starts even before the child’s birth, as to deliver a baby you need to have an attested marriage certificate, a health card if you’re considering a public hospital, or an insurance card if private and passports of both parents (copies and originals).

After welcoming the baby, you’ll need to register the child’s birth, and have the certificate attested from both the Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Click here to get a look at the full procedure of registering your child’s birth in the UAE in details.

Afterwards, you’ll have to apply for a passport and a residency visa for the newborn, and here’s a full guide on that:

Passport Procedure

1- First and foremost, you need to keep in mind that you have only 120 days after the child’s birth to sort out the visa residency and passport.

2- You will need some passport photos for your newborn, contact your embassy to know what criteria to follow for the picture (some passports require a white background, others require the baby’s eyes to be open, and so on.)

3- In a situation of parents from different nationalities, the newborn will adopt the nationality of the father.

4- Contact the embassy to know what procedure they follow for overseas passport applications, as this, along with the fees, differ from one country to another.

Emirates ID & Visa Residency

1- Again, remember you only have 120 days after the child’s birth to apply for the visa. If you fail to do so, the child won’t be allowed to leave the country, and their guardian will have to pay a fine of AED 100 for each day over the aforementioned period

2- You’ll need an application form from Tasheel office

3- Take the application form, the original passport of the child (if the newborn was added to one of his parents’ passports, take that) the original child’s birth attested certificate + a copy, 3 passport-sized photos, original marriage certificate + a copy, passport copy of the sponsor, copy of job contract of the sponsor or salary certificate, and a tenancy contract registered through the Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA)

4- Have the form completed from a certified typing office

5- Head to residency section at GDRFA, and hand in the documents

6- The passport with the residency visa will be sent to you through a courier service

Emirates ID

To apply for an Emirates ID for your newborn, head to your nearest Emirates ID authority, with both parents’ passports, visas, Emirates IDs, and the attested child’s birth certificate.


- Tasheel attestation – AED 150

- Health card – AED 110

- Ministry of Health attestation – AED 20

- Passport – varies

- Visa – AED 250 appx

- Residents of Dubai pay AED 100 residence fees for each year, and to AED 115 adding fees