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The Most Memorable Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Christmas in the UAE

Make your little one's first festive season all the more special with a holiday keepsake, new annual tradition, a memorable family celebration, and more

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29 November 2020

Memorable Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Christmas in the UAE

Celebrate their first Christmas holidays with these fun ideas!

It's no surprise that practically everything in your life changes when you have a child, and that includes how you celebrate Christmas. The first year of your baby's life will be brimming with exciting firsts - first babble, first time crawling, first experiences, and first holiday celebrations.

It's not too early to include your little one in this year's Christmas festivities. While they might not understand why there's a sparkling tree in the living room, who this bearded, jolly man in red might be, and what the lyrics for all these jingles mean - it's still a great time to get fun and creative with your baby.

Here are some special ways to commemorate your baby's first Christmas while in the UAE.

1. Wear matching pyjamas

Donning matching holiday-themed sleepwear is a family-fun way of ringing in the Christmas morning. Order some adorable festive pajamas for mum and the baby, and click some shots to share!

Matching Christmas sleepwear

2. Festive cake smash

The baby cake smash trend is still going strong. Started in the USA, this adorable celebration was originally made for birthdays. This year, why not trade a traditional Christmas baby photoshoot for an insanely cute holiday-themed cake smash picture?

3. Get personalised Christmas keepsakes

Our Christmas Craft Fair this December features some of Dubai's most talented artisans, crafters and designers. You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to handmade holiday items you can personalise according to your baby!

Happening on Saturday December 12th from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club, our fun-filled festive craft fair is FREE ENTRY for the whole family.

Plus, we're giving you and your little ones the chance to see Santa Claus in Dubai this year, and even walk away with a special present!

4. Read their first Christmas story

This delightful illustrated book for babies is the ideal sensory experience to help introduce little ones to words and pictures that they will associate with Christmas.

Baby's Very First Touchy-Feely Christmas Book

5. Mark their handprint or footprint

It's true when they say "children grow up so fast". One moment they're a beautiful, babbling bundle of joy in your arms, and in a blink you're tearfully saying your goodbyes before they're off to college. Remember how small and precious they were with a baby handprint or footprint ornament kit - you can hang a keepsake of their baby years on the Christmas tree or above the mantle.

Baby Handprint or Footprint Keepsake Ornament Kit

6. First visit with Santa

While they won't understand who Santa is and why there's all this fuss about a jolly, bearded man in bright red, it's worth it for the fun memories and adorable photo opportunities.

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It's a simple and very festive way of celebrating your child's first holiday season!

Meet Santa Claus for the first time

7. Start the Elf on the Shelf tradition

Start the annual Christmas tradition early with baby's first playful game of hide and seek with storytime. Get them their first Elf on the Shelf, which will no doubt become a much-loved festive tradition in the family.

Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition with book and elf

8. Hang baby's first festive stocking

Hanging your baby's first Christmas stocking will make a great decoration next to yours. As they're still a little tot, you won't need to stuff it with much, but adding their own stocking really makes it feel like your baby is participating in all the holiday excitement.

Baby's first Christmas stocking

9. DIY your own Christmas card

A creative way to celebrate (and show the world) your beautiful new baby is with a holiday-themed Christmas card photoshoot. Let your little one play with or wear something Christmas-related, like a small Santa Claus hat or a tree ornament, and get snapping.

Feel free to use Christmas lights or use your festive tree as a backdrop. As infants sleep often, taking a photo of your napping bundle of joy makes for a lovely shot. When you chose the photos you like, just upload them to a card-making site and print!

Baby Christmas photoshoot

10. Spend time with your baby

Above all, the best way to celebrate your baby's first Christmas is simply gifting both of you your time, especially if you're a busy mum.

Dedicate at least a day during the holiday season for time with your newborn, with no distractions like running errands or holiday shopping. It's also a great opportunity for working-bee mums to slow down and take the time to enjoy Christmas with loved ones and the little one.