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Fit For A Little Royal? 5 Of The Coolest Unisex Babywear Brands For Newborns

The best fashion buys for little ones.

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30 April 2019

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Unisex Babywear Brands

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The Duchess of Sussex is due to give birth any day now and while the royal couple haven’t revealed whether they’re having a boy or girl (or whether they know the sex) rumours have been circulating that Meghan and Harry will be raising their child ‘gender neutral’.

Chances are those rumours are exaggerated, but there’s a growing trend for parents wanting to avoid imposing anything typically masculine or feminine on their babies, particularly clothing.

“With more and more people not wishing to follow the old-fashioned gender stereotypes of boys on blue and girls in pink, an increasing number of gender neutral brands have launched, along with more traditional brands adopting unisex styles and designs for children,” says Jenny Slungaard of childrenswear retailer AlexandAlexa.

Why the change?

“Parents are becoming more aware of studies that have shown how a young child’s mind can be affected through gender stereotyping,” she says.

“The concept of allowing children to focus on their individual characteristics rather than an informed gender stereotype is a decision that has been adopted in countries around the world, with great success.”

Given that Meghan’s personal style involves a lot of neutral colours and is more modern than, say the Duchess of Cambridge, it wouldn’t be surprising if the 37-year-old chose a similar approach for her little one – and she’s got some very stylish brands to choose from.

“In the past, gender neutral or unisex styles have often been bland or insipid or the traditional yellow for an unknown gender,” Slungaard says.

“But with the growth of so many small independent labels and design-led brands offering an unlimited choice, from soft pastels, chic greys and beiges to vibrant designs and all kinds of prints, gender neutral clothing is anything but boring.”

Whether you’re a parent-to-be yourself or looking for a fashionable gift for a tiny tot, here are five of the best babywear brands…

1. River Island

River Island launched its first baby collection at the end of last year with unisex designs catering for 0 to 12 months. The range features lots of T-shirts, sporty hoodies and slogan sweatshirts with tiny trainers to match.

River Island

River Island Baby Beige Textured Stripe Romper, £14/AED 66; Baby ‘You can’ White Trainers, £10/AED 47

2. FUB

Hailing from Denmark, FUB delivers a typically Scandi aesthetic. Think ribbed jumpers, subdued colours and lots of stripes.

FUB Ecru Ribbed Knit Baby Sweater

FUB Ecru Ribbed Knit Baby Sweater, £66/313; White Ecru And Navy Relaxed Baby Trousers, £28.20/AED 137, AlexandAlexa

3. H&M

H&M is renowned for its amazing collaborations and the same goes for kidswear. The latest offering is a collection designed with French artist Nathalie Lété featuring a host of fun floral and animal prints for children aged two months and up.

H&M Nathalie Lété Satin Bomber Jacket

H&M Nathalie Lété Satin Bomber Jacket, £17.99/AED 85

4. Rylee + Cru

Founded by illustrator Kelli Murray, Rylee + Cru specialises in vintage inspired hand-dyed basics in soft colours, with quirky prints adding interest.

Rylee + Cru Cloud Palms Button Jumpsuit

Rylee + Cru Cloud Palms Button Jumpsuit, £46/AED 218, AlexandAlexa

5. JoJoMamanBebe

Many of JoJoMamanBebe’s bestsellers are unisex pieces, like its sweet duck and fox print sleepsuits.


JoJoMamanBebe Duck Embroidered Baby Sleepsuit, £17/AED 80