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Your Baby at 7 Months Old

They've got a personality of their own.

Babies development 7 months

Just when you think things are getting peaceful around, your all-so-happy baby will start messing with literally everything around. If they’re able to hold a spoon, they’ll create a ruckus with the meal. If they’re crawling, they’ll go under tables, chairs and beds. And if they’re rolling, they’ll fall down and cry their lungs out.

Things will get frustrating and tiring but you’ll cherish every minute. You’ll also notice a significant change in their appearance. Hopefully, by 7-8 months, they’ve more than doubled their birth weight by now. You’ll see their head, length and body shape changing as they become more like a compact little person.

At this stage, some babies go through separation anxiety when you leave them for a few minutes. Because your baby now understands that you exist whenever you're out of his site, he misses you when you're not around. The idea way to deal with this is to get them acquainted with a trusted caregiver.

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