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Dubai Culture Launches Digital Youth Theatre Festival

The Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre, an initiative by Dubai Culture, is now on YouTube.

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7 May 2020

Dubai Culture Launches Digital Youth Theatre Festival


If you and your kids need a little burst of creativity and culture, check out the Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre.

As the UAE continues to live in a world of quarantining and social distancing, online resources aimed at educating and entertaining your kids are more in demand. While family events like book fairs, theatre, and festivals have been postponed, there is a treasure trove of offerings that can keep children busy and they are just one click away.

To help promote young talents and keep a strong motivation for performing arts, Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) just launched the digital edition of the Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre on YouTube. Aimed at encouraging the nation's youth, from little ones to teenagers, in building a passion for performing arts while staying at home, the online festival offers a wide variety of inspiring content.

The move is part of Dubai Culture's Create Together campaign, which encourages UAE residents to share cultural and artistic content across social media.

Dubai Culture Launches Digital Youth Theatre Festival


Fatma Al-Jallaf, acting director of the performing arts department at Dubai Culture, said on WAM, "In light of the inability to organise the Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre on stage this year, and in line with the precautionary measures taken by the competent authorities to preserve the safety of the community, our aim through this initiative is to invest in modern technological means to enhance the role of the theatrical sector in the UAE as well as motivate the youth to embrace this fine art."

"We seek to create a sustainable, creative environment for the performing arts and progress upon Emirati theater in a manner that further develop the creative economy and ensure the sustainability of the development process, in line with Dubai Culture’s updated vision to make Dubai a global centre for culture, an incubator for creativity, and a thriving hub for talents," Al-Jallaf continued.

The festival opens with its first play, "Dominoes", with a crew of passionate young performers delivering a fantasy tale about power and the people.

Written by Talal Mahmoud and directed by Marwan Abdullah Saleh, "Dominoes" received many awards, including Best Theatrical Director, Best Sound and Musical Effects, Best Lighting, and Best Actress in a Primary Role.

From acting and directing to stage makeup, sound engineering, costume design, styling, and more, the Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre shines a spotlight on the hard work, talent, and excitement that goes into performing arts among children and teens.