Do Children Need to Wear Face Masks in the UAE? |

UAE Kids Above Two Years Are Recommended to Wear Face Masks

Previously, face masks while outdoors only applied to those who are 6 years old and above in the UAE...

Posted on

5 August 2020

by Clarice Awa
UAE Kids Above Two Years Old Are Now Required to Wear Face Masks

An official spokesperson for the UAE government said that children are not immune to the virus

Although the guidelines state that those over the age of six in the UAE must wear face masks while outside, authorities have recommended that kids wear face masks if they are over two years old.

The announcement came from Dr. Omar Hammadi, official spokesperson for the UAE Government, at a media briefing held in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Al Hammadi said that children are not immune from the virus, especially those who suffer from chronic illnesses. Although kids are less likely to develop severe symptoms of COVID-19, they are able to carry the virus and transmit it to other people.

In order to adequately protect children and their immediate family members from the virus, he recommended that young ones must wear face masks if they're over two years old.

However, if your child is a person of determination, has difficulty breathing, or does not have the ability to remove their own face mask, they should not wear one.

At the time of publishing, the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention reported 189 new cases of COVID-19 and 227 recoveries. No deaths were reported. Total cases are now at 61,352 in the country.