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Is It Safe to Go Trick-or-Treating in the UAE This Year?

Wondering if it's safe for kids and parents to go trick-or-treating in the UAE? Here's the deal with Halloween this year...

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1 October 2020

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Is It Safe to Go Trick-or-Treating in the UAE This Year?

Halloween is going to look very different this year

We have the makings of what would be a perfect, spooktacular Halloween. October 31st, 2020 falls on the weekend and a rare Blue Moon is even expected to light up the sky for the first time since 2001!

But the question many UAE parents are asking for Halloween 2020 is: "Should I let my kids go trick-or-treating during the Covid-19 pandemic?"

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), collecting candy door to door this year will count as a high-risk activity. Since March, the UAE government has also been urging the public to avoid large gatherings and to follow other safety measures in order to help reduce the virus' spread.

So there may not be an All Hallows Eve after all. While we would not recommend trick-or-treating in the UAE this year for you and your child's safety, there are still several ways to minimize the risks,

Below, we've got 6 tips to help children have a safe trick-or-treating experience:

Is It Safe to Go Trick-or-Treating in the UAE This Year?

1. Equip your child with a face mask and sanitizer

UAE health authorities have made it very clear that children who are 2 years old and below should not wear a face mask due to risks of suffocation. But if your child is above 2 years old, make sure s/he wears a face mask while going trick-or-treating outdoors.

Give a hand sanitizer for them to use after touching doors, door bells, gates, and after receiving candy from each home.

If you're staying at home and want to be really considerate for trick-or-treaters, you can also set up a hand sanitizer outside your door for the kids and other parents to use.

2. Keep social distancing in mind

Before your child goes out trick or treating, remind them that it's important to keep a 1.5 - 2 metre distance away from other people.

If you receive trick-or-treaters at your door, let them know that they should stand six feet away from your door. Consider using your outdoor spaces to hand out sweets, like using your sidewalks, driveways, or by corridor as places to make contact to avoid people touching doorbells or door handles or crowding into an entryway.

You can even go a step further by setting up individual "grab and go" bags as it can help lessen the risk. This way, kids won't have to reach in to a bowl.

Or, check out this parent's viral "candy chute" for Halloween - it's fun and has less risks!

Our 6' candy chute is ready to be attached to the handrail! Come on, Halloween!!!


Posted by Andrew Beattie on Saturday, 12 September 2020

3. Have at least one parent to accompany your kid

By having a parent or trusted individual to accompany your child, they can help keep your kid safe by reminding your child and other people about wearing masks, social distancing, and other safety measures.

4. Avoid eating Halloween candy while outside

Don't let your child eat their collected candy while they're still trick or treating outside.

If they really want to, make sure yours and your kid's hands are clean before they start touching wrappers and eating sweets.

5. Wash and shower after returning home

Children must wash their hands as soon as they get home.

Help your kid remove their costumes and take a shower.

Halloween in UAE during Covid-19

6. Stay at home

If you or someone in your family is vulnerable to Covid-19, such as those with chronic conditions, do not go trick-or-treating or come into close contact with trick-or-treaters.

And if you really want to reduce health and safety risks, it would be best if your child stays at home for Halloween this year. There are still plenty of indoor alternatives for a fun and spooky All Hallows Eve for the whole family to enjoy.