Dubai Public Parks to Re-Open With Strict Guidelines |

Dubai Public Parks to Re-Open With Strict Guidelines

Public parks across Dubai have been given a green light to re-open again.

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13 May 2020

Dubai Public Parks to Re-open With Strict Guidelines

Precautionary measures must be followed by all Dubai public park visitors.

UPDATE 20.05.2020: UAE extends nightly curfew to 8pm - 6am, which will also cover the Eid Al Fitr holidays. Residents and citizens must not leave their homes after 8pm, except for medical emergencies.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, UAE schools and several public facilities have been temporarily closed. You may have created a quarantine schedule for you and your kids. For many mums, outdoor time may not be included due to where they live or limited outdoor resources.

For the families eager for some nature fun in the sun and green, the good news is that Dubai Economy announced the re-opening of public parks in the Emirate.

In a statement at Emirates news agency WAM, Dubai public parks will be subject to “strict enforcement of specific preventive measures, including ensuring gatherings do not exceed five people.”

This allows social gatherings to increase to a maximum of five members, from the previous cap of three people.

Rules to remember

Families must wear a face mask at all times at the public parks. Your time at the parks must not exceed two hours

If your child is too young to wear a face mask or refuses to wear one in public, please refrain from bringing them outdoors for their health and safety.

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With the recent announcement, restrictions have also been eased for other places, including Dubai shopping centres, retailers, restaurants, offices, and private beaches.

Dubai Tourism said that outdoor sports and other recreational activities are now allowed in open spaces, such as cycling, running, water sports, and even skydiving.

Children below the age of 12 are still prohibited from entering malls, stores, and restaurants, but the same rule doesn’t apply to Dubai parks.

So go on and enjoy a healthy dose of nature. Just don’t forget to practice good social distancing!