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When Should You Take Your Child To The Doctor With A Fever?
Fever in children usually shows their body is fighting a minor virus. A paediatrician explains when a fever might be more serious, and what to do.
Make kids listen without shouting
Yes, it’s actually possible to make kids listen without parents shouting.
Raising kids in an age when parents seem to be pushing themselves to the limit can be tough
The Duchess Of Sussex
Talk about bloomin’ chic! Meghan has made mum-to-be style look easy...
Make Children More Resilient
If your child struggles to bounce back from adversity, here are a few ways to help make them mentally tougher
Tips To Help Children Stay Safe And Responsible Online
Social media and the online world are part of life – but guiding youngsters on using it safely can be tricky
How to parent following a divorce
It’s something many celebs know about – but how can you manage it in the real world?
Charlize Theron
Glad you made it out the door in one piece? You’re not alone, says Jenny Stallard.
Family pressures and how to deal with them
Money, job and relationship worries top the list
It happens to many couples...
Kids Are Consuming Too Much Sugar
Children are apparently gulping down sugar by the gallon – here’s how to tell if your child is eating too much
Lazy Eye
Here's what parents should look out for...
Dads should be seen as equal parents, not babysitters...
Meghan Markle
As Thomas Markle reaches out to daughter Meghan via a TV interview, but when is silence the best option?
Every parent needs to know about bronchiolitis
Though usually mild, the condition can lead to hospitalisation: Lisa Salmon looks at what parents should know about the lung infection
Fussy eater
Being more relaxed, offering praise and learning about fruit and veg all help...
Working mum
Being away from your children because of work commitments can give rise to many emotions...
Kid on mobile
An alarming number of young children in the UAE get their first mobile phone at the age of 7 years old
Tech addiction is a very real problem that parents should be aware of...
Look out for inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness both at home and in the classroom...
Mum and daughter
Yes, it’s actually possible to make kids listen without parents shouting.
Tracking App
All parents worry about their kids. But does that make it alright to ‘spy’ on them?
Empty Nest Syndrome
When the reality of children living away at university first kicks in, a parent’s purpose can start to wobble...
video games
Watching your child spend hours on video games can be tough to understand…
Mother and baby
Parents are using stop signs on their baby trams and car seats and this has caused a lot of controversy
Afterschool Activity
Three things to consider before you enrol your child in an after-school activity to avoid money and time wasted
Sibling Rivalry
You might have seen, you might have experienced it but there’s a way to stop your kids from going through it
Try these 5 tips the next time you attempt to help your little ones with their homework
Back To School Tips for Parents in the UAE
Here's our parents' guide to surviving the new school year…
Guide to Travelling With Children Who Have Disabilities
Here's how families can prepare and what support is on offer…