This is What’s Inside Blake Lively’s New Baby Registry |

This is What’s Inside Blake Lively’s New Baby Registry

From bottle sterilisers to protein bars, this is what the actor thinks all new parents should be armed with.

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21 October 2019

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This is What’s Inside Blake Lively’s New Baby Registry

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Actor Blake Lively has posted her baby registry on Amazon, picking out all of the essentials she thinks parents need.

“I understand how overwhelming it is to be a new parent,” she says on the page. “What they don’t tell you is it never gets less overwhelming, but with each kid I do learn more. Before I had my first, I was lucky to have the parents in my life who I trusted to share their ‘must haves’ with me. I hope to do the same for you with my baby registry picks.”

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Lively announced she was expecting her third child with husband Ryan Reynolds in May. She reportedly gave birth over the summer, and Reynolds confirmed they had a baby girl in a post today urging his fellow Canadians to vote in the upcoming elections.

The couple are already parents to daughters James, four, and Inez, three. Now Lively is a mother for the third time, she knows what to expect – and here are some of her top picks, split up into handy categories…


Amazon has recently started collaborating with celebrities on registries – most recently for bride-to-be Jennifer Lawrence and her wedding registry. Many of Lawrence’s picks were quite OTT, like a copper fire pit for $222.99/AED819.03 or a wooden bowl for $99.95/AED367.11. However, having a baby calls for more practical suggestions, so Lively’s picks are a bit more sensible (and affordable).

In the diapering section, this includes a diaper genie (AED 423.00), hypoallergenic diapers (AED 162.36 + AED 121.80 Shipping) and Burt’s Bees baby ointment (AED 69.00).

Out and about

For the out and about section, Lively has thought about both the parent and the baby. At $449.98 (AED1,652.75), the Baby Jogger City mini double stroller is one of the pricier options on the list, but there are also more affordable options like the Ergobaby carrier ($174.95, AED642.58).

For the stressed-out parent navigating the outside world with a newborn, Lively has included a box of peanut butter and chocolate RXBAR protein bars ($18.89, AED69.38) – just to keep your strength up.

Sustainable on-the-go essentials

With Extinction Rebellion protests out in force all over the world, this category feels particularly timely. Lively writes: “I thought carrying around my own cups and bowls, etc would make my life more hectic. I was wrong. Not only did it organise and simplify everything I need for my babies and myself, but most significantly, it helps to teach my kids DAILY the importance of being thoughtful about our choices. They appreciate seeing easy ways they can participate in protecting our planet and their future. We don’t go anywhere without these pieces now.”

These include a stylish stainless steel cutlery set for $14.99 (AED55.06) and reusable food storage bags for $11.99 (AED44.04).


This category has more high tech options than some of the others, like a white noise sound machine (AED 285.55) which is said to improve your baby’s sleep at night. This is one for all the family – if you’re struggling to sleep, it might be worth trying yourself as it blocks out all distracting noises and gives you space to drift off in peace.


This section contains all the essentials, from a baby bottle ($21.95, AED80.62) to the Baby Brezza bottle steriliser ($95.75, AED351.68).

For mum

“It’s easier to take care of everyone else instead of ourselves. But it all starts with us mamas. Here are some basics, as well as some special treats,” she says, including a nursing pillow for AED 311.00 and cookie bites designed for breastfeeding mums ($19.63, AED72.10).


This is possibly the cutest section on the registry, including a baby thermometer that doubles up as a floating rubber duck (AED 141.00) and a bath spout cover shaped like a miniature whale (AED 90.74).

Baby’s library

For this category, Lively writes: “I read an article with an incredible list of kids books that have representation and help to show children many different experiences and perspectives. I was so excited that I went on Amazon and ordered every book on the list. This is just a small selection. It’s been fulfilling for me as well because I didn’t grow up with these books so I’m getting to read them and learn along with my children. We are never too old to learn.”

This includes books like Hair Love by Matthew A Cherry ($10.96, AED40.26), which tells of the relationship between a black father and his daughter as he learns how to do her hair. It’s all about learning to love natural hair – something which isn’t commonly represented in children’s books.