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Your baby is now as big as a grapefruit!

As you head towards the end of your second trimester, you can tell when the baby is sleeping and when he is awake. When the baby is sleeping there will be no movement, but when he is awake, it will feel like there's karate happening in your belly.

Pregnancy calendar - 23 weeks

Your baby is now the size of a...

Grapefruit or 11.4 inches on average.

Your baby's internal organs are becoming well developed and he is starting to produce hormones. Baby’s organs and bones are still visible through his skin, and he is at the moment covered in fine hair called lanugo, and his skin is all wrinkled, but baby will soon develop a layer of fat, which will fill these out, and the end of this month, baby will be double the weight he is right now!

Pregnancy symptoms at 23 weeks

Swollen ankles and feet, backaches and Braxton Hicks contractions.

Tips and advice for pregnancy at 23 weeks

As an expectant mother, you should do your best to remain cheerful and happy. It’s important to remember that stress can affect your baby. Seek support from a support group, family member, or friends in this time of need.

23 Signs Your Child is Gifted: Discover If You Have a Gifted Child

Follow these signs to determine whether you have a gifted child in the family...

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28 February 2018

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How To Tell If Your Child Is Gifted

Is your child bored at school because they think they’re just way too good for it? Or is he doing way better than everyone else in his class? If yes, your child might be gifted, and here’s how you can know for sure.

Some kids show signs of exceptional intelligence at a young age, but many of them are left unrecognised. Which might result in killing the sparkle in them.

A lot of schools have programs that can identify gifted kids. However, what if you have a gifted pre-schooler? You don’t really want to wait until you enrol them in school for them to be discovered.

Gifted children should be discovered as soon as possible for their talents to acknowledged and nurtured right from the beginning.

Who are gifted children?

According to the National Association for Gifted Children, kids who show exceptional abilities in reasoning and learning, and have a higher IQ numbers in comparison to their peers are considered gifted.

Gifted kids also perform in the top 10% or higher in at least one subject or area, such as math, language, music, dance, or sports.

And here are some signs your child might be gifted:

  • He’s got a special talent, for instance, can do mathematical problems in his head
  • Reaches development milestone way ahead of kids his age, for example, learns to talk faster
  • He’s got advanced language development, like the ability to speak perfect structured sentences at an early age, or having extensive vocabulary
  • He’s very curious
  • Asks a lot of questions about different topics
  • Active but not hyperactive
  • Can focus on one task or mission for long times
  • Passionate about a certain interest of his
  • Likes challenges
  • Has a vivid imagination. Most gifted kids create a network of imaginary friends

While, if you have school-age kid that you think might be gifted, here’s some signs of giftedness in school-age kids:

  • He realises and speaks of abstract topics, such as advanced math, religion, ethics and morality
  • Has a special talent in one or more areas
  • Is also able to concentrate on one activity for hours, such as working on a math problem
  • Understands big words, and has large amount of vocabulary
  • Has leadership characteristic
  • Is confident with his ideas and accomplishments
  • Showing good performance academically
  • Creative and loves to tell stories
  • Has good sense of humour
  • Always prefers to spend his time with older people
  • Shows sensitivity to others’ feelings
  • Has a good memory
  • Can perform academic work that is ahead of his age