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Here’s why learning outside is so good for children
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Internet Matters gives tips on how parents can help stop kids from sharing comments and photos they might regret later.
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Children are apparently gulping down sugar by the gallon – here’s how to tell if your child is eating too much
NEORUN in Abu Dhabi 2018
The scariest place to GLO is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween with your kiddies... Here's why!
Food Poisoning in UAE Schools
30 children were taken ill due to contaminated food in 2 schools in Al Ain
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Follow these signs to determine whether you have a gifted child in the family...
5 Most Common Children Illnesses In The UAE And How To Prevent Them
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Why Kids Lie And How To Deal With It
When, why and how to deal with children lying...
Review: The Teddy Bear 5 Children's Book
Enter our giveaway too for a chance to WIN your own copy of this lovely children's book!
5 Best Educational Apps For Kids Of All Ages
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Hottest Christmas Toys of 2017 for Boys
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2017's Hottest Christmas Toys For Girls
Barbie who?
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How do you train your child's brain...
Taking Your Child With Autism To The Dentist: What You Need To Know
10 tips for an stress-free first dental visit for you and your little one...
10 Easy, Healthy Halloween Treats Your Kids Will Love
These are tasty, fun, and easy to make and perfect for Halloween!
Top 20 Christmas Toys of 2017 - FurReal Roarin Tyler in Dubai
Discover the top 20 toys of Christmas 2017 and where to find them in Dubai
The Sweetest Pictures of Kids in Their School Uniforms
Too cool for school
Croutique - online shopping for babies, toddlers and kids
Croutique guarantees the best, most comfortable, hand-made products...
5 Revision Tips To Help Ease Stress During Exam Season
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Back-to-School Deals in Dubai 2017
Getting your little ones ready for back-to-school can be exhausting, so here’s some Dubai deals to ease the pain a little.
Who Knew About 22Q? Documentary by Jade Vowles
It's a condition now thought to be as common as Down syndrome
Relax your child before bedtime
Struggling with a hyperactive toddler before bed? Here's some helpful advice.
5 stories for bedtime
Who doesn't love a snuggle and a good book before sleeping?
Summer in the UAE
There's plenty of fun stuff to do, even if it is hot outside...
Shopping nightmares all parents relate to
Even the most simple of tasks like grocery shopping is a challenge
Things keeping your child awake at night
There's no denying it's frustrating when they wake up during the night
Ways to help kids sleep through the night
For a lot of parents sleep is a very pleasant, but vague memory
Crazy Hairstyles For Girls to Try This Summer
Because school wouldn't allow this sort of thing