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Why Kids Lie And How To Deal With It
When, why and how to deal with children lying...
Teen Slang Translated: The New Words Every Parent Should Understand
Most parents don’t understand a lot of today’s teen-speak, so a language expert decodes some of the more popular and perplexing teenage slang
6 Basic First Aid Skills Every Child Should Know
Over half of children ‘would feel helpless to act is they saw someone injured, new research suggests.
5 Most Common Children Illnesses In The UAE And How To Prevent Them
Other than Covid-19, keep your little ones safe by keeping in mind these common back to school illnesses
The 6 Worst Foods to Feed Your Children
You might be surprised that some of these are doing more damage than good
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How to tell if your child has a food allergy
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This is How You Go Adventure Travelling with Children
Be brave – according to an adventure junkie.
Children's mental health warning signs
Children as young as six are suffering from stress. Claire Spreadbury talks to Dr Preethi Daniel about the warning signs, and how you can help.
How to Dress Your Kids Like the Royal Birthday Boy Prince George
New photos have been shared by Kensington Palace to mark the young royal’s birthday – here’s how to get the little prince look.
This is What to do if Your Child Gets Stung this Summer
Bug and insect bites can be troublesome things, but don’t let that ruin your kids’ playtime... Here’s how to soothe a sting
10 Children’s Sun Safety Tips
Before you jet off on a family sunshine holiday, make sure you’re familiar with these vital sun protection tips from a dermatologist
6 Ways to Keep the Kids Cool During the Coming Heatwave
It’s going to be a scorcher this week – here’s how to make sure the whole family is safe from too much sun
Keep The Kids Cool This Summer
It might be hot, but little ones can enjoy the outdoors with the help of these cool toys
Here’s How to Help Them Process Social Media
From FOMO to gaining ‘likes’ and suffering low self-esteem, children and teens have it tough right now
Struggling to find a gift for Dad from the kids? We've hand-picked some suggestions for you
6 Tips to Help Children Feel More Confident in the Water this Summer
As Disney launches a Family Fun Swim program, find out how parents can encourage kids to fall in love with swimming.
7 Reasons Children Should Learn Outside
Here’s why learning outside is so good for children
10 Ways to Help Protect Your Child’s Online Reputation
Internet Matters gives tips on how parents can help stop kids from sharing comments and photos they might regret later.
Kids Are Consuming Too Much Sugar
Children are apparently gulping down sugar by the gallon – here’s how to tell if your child is eating too much
NEORUN in Abu Dhabi 2018
The scariest place to GLO is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween with your kiddies... Here's why!
Food Poisoning in UAE Schools
30 children were taken ill due to contaminated food in 2 schools in Al Ain
How To Tell If Your Child Is Gifted
Follow these signs to determine whether you have a gifted child in the family...
Review: The Teddy Bear 5 Children's Book
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5 Best Educational Apps For Kids Of All Ages
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7 Tips To End The Struggles Of Brushing Children's Teeth
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Hottest Christmas Toys of 2017 for Boys
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2017's Hottest Christmas Toys For Girls
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