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Keep The Kids Cool This Summer With These 10 Fun-Filled Items

It might be hot, but little ones can enjoy the outdoors with the help of these cool toys

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26 June 2019

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Keep The Kids Cool This Summer

Keeping your kids entertained throughout the holidays is hard, but when you add the extreme heat, it becomes an even tougher mission.

Plus, no matter how many indoor activities you come up with - staying inside gets boring after a while, so how can you go outside and not melt into a giant puddle?

Here are a few products that are sure to keep your kids entertained and cool in the heat.


Some of the best summer memories are when your outside just enjoying time with your family and friends having fun. These water activities can provide hours of entertainment for you and your loved ones.

Bestway H20 Go! Slide-N-Splash Bowling

Designed to get kids moving, grooving and out of the house, this h2ogo! slide-n-splash bowling puts the focus back on fun! the 18' water slide has a speed ramp that launches you for a super-fast ride into a super wet water pool. The tough, inflatable speed ramp provides a smooth landing that glides you onto the slide. No more hard landings!
AED 150

Bestway 5.5 m H2O Go! Single Slider Water Slide

H2O Go! Single Slider Water Slide (5.5m)Are you ready for the ultimate garden water slide? Introducing the H2O-GO Single Slider with the SPEED RAMP by Bestway. This 18ft (5.49m) long water slide lets you glide for longer as you race to a wet drench pool finish! There is a speed ramp at the first part of the slide which you can fill with water, to provide sliders with a soft landing. You can also connect a hose to the water slide, creating an awesome spray all the way down the slide, keeping it wet, smooth and fun!
AED 170

Don't Have a Need For Speed?

Enjoy these calmer - but just as fun - splash pools.

Dinoland Play Center

Create your very own themed water park at home with this Intex Dinoland play center. It has a moveable dino arch water spray, which can be attached to a garden hose to make it jut out water. It includes a soft slide with landing pad, dino hoops, and volcanic ball roller games, fountain, and colorful balls, creating a perfect set up for a merry time.
AED 153.66

Sun Shade Swin Water Pool

Stay cool and have fun in the sun! Reccomended for ages 3-5, it holds upto 74 gallon of waterIncludes drain plug comes with repair patch brand 157.5 x 157.5 x 121.9 cmWeight: 3.5 kg.
AED 77

007, is That You?

Water guns can provide endless hours of fun. Just make sure your doors are closed, otherwise, you might have water all over your walls.

Summer Blast Pump

Keep Cool In The Spring Or Summer: An Outdoor Must For spending Sunny Days With The Family, Score Extra Long Range Hits With A Super-High Pressure Nozzle That Reaches Your Farthest Targe.
AED 25.17


Sometimes, something as simple as sprinklers is all you need to have fun with your family and friends.

Whirly Whale Sprinkler

Good times are whirling time to get wiggle and giggling with the whirly whale sprinkler from B high-quality materials and a funky design on a whirly sprinkler kids will love to Dance around and jump over! One of the best backyard water toys for toddlers, this one is also perfect for any summer birthday party! This whimsical outdoor sprinkler is made from safe and durable materials. Water sprays from the fishing, for a whimsical water show! An adorable way to water The garden or the lawn, it's easy to attach and connects to all standard hoses. Comes with 3 different adaptors.
AED 62.10

Inflatable Splash Sprinkler Coconut Tree

What is the best family game in summer? I guess everyone would like to play water, in pool, backyard or any wide outdoor, if you agree with me, so please have look to our inflatable spray water coconut Tree. The funny coconut tree looks give you a cooling feel, the sprinkler with powerful water spraying flow, bring you a cooling water curtain.The flatable coconut tree is soft, you children can safetly play with it, funny, cooling, provides you a conformatble summer, enchance your family bonding, come on, give more time to your famliy , let's play water with the coconut tree!
AED 94.99

Volwco Sprinkler Pad And Splash Play

Best Outdoor Water Toy: Let your children play in the sun, whether it's in your yard, the beach, the pool or your deck and know that this inflatable splash mat takes no time to inflate and deflate and it is extremely easy to carry.
AED 64.99

Fun For Your Little Ones

If going outdoors really isn't an option, but you want to do something different with your little ones, check this out.

Play Mat Tummy Time Fun

Premium Water Play Mat --- Hamkaw inflatable water play mat made of thicken PVC and non-toxic 6P material, leakproof, safe, great touch and durable. Itâ€s sturdy enough to enjoy it at next summer continuously. Fit for baby girls and baby boys.

The Perfect Treat

Summer isn't summer without ice popsicles, you can cool down while enjoying a yummy treat.

Popsicle Ice Tray

molds made of durable BPA-free plastic and FDA approved, environmentally friendly and kid safe Our popsicle mold helps reduce waste with an eco-friendly reusable design. You can use them again and again in the freezer for years to come
AED 35