Parents, Make Sure Your Kids Are Using Social Media Correctly |

Parents, Make Sure Your Kids Are Using Social Media Correctly

There are laws in place in the UAE that all social media users should be aware of

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9 July 2017

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Social Media Laws in the UAE

Did you know? All online interactions on social networking sites are scanned in the UAE.

The campaign, Social Networking Monitoring, which is a programme launched by the Telecome Regulatory Authority (RTA) sets ott to scan all social media interactions in the UAE and searches for any offensive and abusive language directed against the state or the government or authorities.

Social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook are monitored in an effort to clamp down on inappropriate and abusive behaviour online. The above list also includes nudity, sexual cyber extortion and insulting members of the ruling families.

In order to monitor this, an alert system is now being used where keywords are flagged up and the content is then investigated to determine whether an illegal act has been committed. Once an offence is discovered, the security quality service section will refer it to another department at the authority, referred to as an Internet advancement.

EWmums urges any social media user to be cautious of their posts, and to ensure they are not offensive at all times. We regularly hear of cases when people have been arrested, fined and possible jailed due to a lack of responsibility when using such very public, very accessible platforms of communication.