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18 Genius Costumes for Your Kids This Halloween

Looking for some Halloween costume inspiration for your child? You can't go wrong with these clever tricks

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22 October 2019

Genius Costumes for Your Kids This Halloween

Fun and interesting Halloween costumes for every boy and girl

Halloween in the UAE is just around the corner, and if you're still searching for that perfect Halloween costume your little one will love but aren't your typical supermarket and party store outfits, we've got your back.

Scroll down to explore our compilation of some pretty genius ideas for children's Halloween costumes that will get them ready for trick or treating.

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Unisex children's costumes

1. Let's start with this astronaut costume, perfect for the budding space explorer with the stars in their eyes and candy in their bags.

Amazon mum's review: "I bought this astronaut costume for my young little girl who aspires to be an astronaut one day in the future. This astronaut costume is well beyond our expectation. Not only the costume is authentic looking with NASA logo but also the quality is superior. Furthermore, the helmet with Movable Visor is one of the best in the current market!!!! Decent price with an extra bonus in the product, definitely recommend this one to all my friends."

2. There's no time that's more perfect to enlist the help of a Ghostbusting kiddo than Halloween.

Amazon mum's review: "I bought this for my daughter who wanted to be a Ghostbuster for Halloween. The size I bought fits her perfectly!"

3. Skip out on the average witch or wizard look by celebrating the magic of Halloween as a Hogwarts student from the Harry Potter series.

Let your little one wear their house colours with pride with the Gryffindor set, Slytherin uniform, the house of Ravenclaw, or as a Hufflepuff student.

4. This circus ring leader costume is ideal for the kids who love a show-stopping event.

Amazon mum's review: "After watching The Greatest Showman on repeat for months, P.T. Barnum was a natural choice for my 7 year old’s Halloween costume [...] it’s only mid-September, and he’s worn the costume every day after school and loves it, so I definitely got my money’s worth!"

5. An inflatable alien costume that will look as though your child is being whisked away by an alien this Halloween.

6. DIY your child'a bubble bath costume using a white shirt and pants, tape some white balloons onto it, put a shower cap, scrub brush, and don't forget the rubber ducky!

Bubble bath Halloween costume

Credit: Motherly

For girls

7. With all the spooky and creepy creatures on Halloween, the Super DC Wonder Woman outfit is ideal for the little superheroine who's ready to take on the monsters

Amazon mum's review: "I was absolutely satisfied by this purchase. My daughter is obsessed with all things Wonder Woman and she has worn this costume at least 50 times already! The only problem I have come across is the Velcro not sticking any longer, but as I said, she has gotten A LOT of use out of it!"

8. Art icon Frida Kahlo is a fantastic pick for the budding painters

To nail one of her self-portrait looks for your child, all you'll need are some flowers on their head (Amazon, AED 34), an eyebrow pencil for her famous unibrows (Amazon, AED 10), a pair of statement clip-on earrings (Amazon, AED 39), a light green scarf (SheInside, AED 33), and a lovely heritage dress (Amazon, AED 97.50).

9. Got a glamourous girl? Channel “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” vibes with this adorable black dress that's a perfect dupe for Audrey Hepburn's iconic look

Pair the outfit with a little tiara (SheInside, AED 14) and a pearl necklace to complete the look.

Breakfast at Tiffany's children's costume

Credit: My Modern Met

10. The Miraculous Ladybug costume is simply the best for Halloween

Amazon mum's review: "Perfect Halloween Costume. Much better than I expected! My daughter loved this for her Halloween costume. Soft material, not scratchy!"

11. Transform your little one into a little old lady.

Amazon mum's review: "Super cute and comfy!!! Amazing! It was a total hit, and it’s not scratchy at all unlike most costumes."

12. How about this adorable Edward Scissorhands costume, complete with his iconic namesake hands.

For boys

13. Alex from "A Clockwork Orange" is a fun, simple Halloween look. Shop the outfit below!

To get Alex's costume, all you'll need is a white button shirt, a black bowler hat (Amazon, AED 54), these white suspenders (Amazon, AED 49), a fake eyelash under his eye, and a glass of milk - which will go great with all those Halloween chocolates.

14. Great for when trick or treating at night or if they're going to a dim-lit Halloween party, the glow-stick figure costume will surely be a hit.

Simply dress them in black clothes and attach these long-lasting glowsticks into a stick figure shape.

15. A pop culture classic, Hannibal Lecter from "Silence of the Lambs" is a fantastic choice if you want people to pay close attention to your son's "Trick or Treat".

All you'll need is Hannibal's iconic face muzzle, an orange shirt, orange pants, and an oversized white shirt to double as a restraint jacket.

Hannibal Lecter children's costume

Credit: Unknown

16. DIY a fun jellyfish costume using only a a clear umbrella (Amazon, AED 33.50), some twinkling string lights, some hanging string paper, and a handmade jellyfish eyes using white and black paper.

Jellyfish Halloween costume for kids

Credit: Almost the Real Thing

17. It's a candy heist this Halloween with this Salvador Dali (Amazon, AED 14.89) mask, perfect with a red jumpsuit.

18. The Addams Family go hand in hand with Halloween. Dress your child as Pugsley Addams with this black striped shirt.

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