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Discover Dubai

Discover Dubai

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Discover Dubai

Welcome to Discover Dubai

Welcome to the best guide in Dubai looking at all the things you can do as a tourist, visitor or resident of Dubai.

We have a guide to the top ten tourist attractions in Dubai as well as secret, off the beaten track places that we have found especially for you. We ask our Dubai experts about the best places to go shopping, where are the best beaches, which is the best al fresco dining and so much more. From the Burj Al Arab to the Burj Khalifa, from The Dubai Fountains to Dubai Creek, from Wild Wadi to Atlantis we've got the information you need!

  • Top Ten Tourist Attractions

    Top Ten Tourist Attractions

    Dubai is many people's number one tourist destination and for many reasons! There are so many things to do so here we take a look at ten of the best things to visit.

  • Top Ten Dubai Beaches

    Top Ten Dubai Beaches

    Dubai is famous for it's pristine beaches, amazing blue sky weather, constant sunshine and beautiful sea. Here we take a look at the best beaches in Dubai.

  • Top Ten Dubai Shopping Malls

    Top Ten Dubai Shopping Malls

    Shop till you drop could well be Dubai's motto with so many malls, amazing stores and brands... it really is a great shopping paradise with stores and malls open till late.

  • Top Ten Dubai Parks

    Top Ten Dubai Parks

    Dubai has a lot of green spaces to say we are in the desert really! Here we take a look at Dubai's best parks- there is so much to do in them too from sports to relaxing.

  • Top Ten Dubai Souks

    Top Ten Dubai Souks

    Part of the fun of living in Dubai is the range of souks available including the spice souk, the gold souk, the fabric souk, the plant souk...get ready to haggle, barter and shop, shop, shop!

  • Top Ten Trips From Dubai

    Top Ten Trips From Dubai

    Dubai has so much to offer and so do the surrounding areas and other Emirates. Here we take a look at where you can go on a day trip, weekend break from Dubai.

  • Top Ten Hidden Treasures

    Top Ten Hidden Treasures

    The ExpatWoman team share their years of experience in Dubai and tell you about those hidden Dubai gems you may not know about and should definitely not be missed.

  • Top Ten Things for Teens

    Top Ten Things for Teens

    Dubai is a great city for kids as the UAE is very family orientated. There are amazing teen activities available here from flying to swimming, from riding a camel to riding a horse!

  • Top Ten Art Galleries

    Top Ten Art Galleries

    There are many art galleries in Dubai featuring the works and master pieces of both local, regional and international artists from paintings to sculptures and modern art.

  • Top Ten Museums

    Top Ten Museums

    The history of Dubai is fascinating and it is amazing how much has been achieved in 40 years. There are many museums in and around Dubai so we take a look at them here.

  • Top Ten Annual Events

    Top Ten Annual Events

    Dubai is famous for its major international events including the Dubai World Cup, Dubai Rugby 7s, Dubai Desert Challenge, Dubai Jazz Festival-the list is endless- here we look at the top ten!

  • Top Ten Outdoor Activities

    Top Ten Outdoor Activities

    There are about 6 months in the year that it is beautiful outdoors in Dubai... perfect for camping, dune bashing, bar b qs, and quad biking. Let's find out more.


Discover Dubai Features & News

  • A Power Outage Brought the World’s Largest Mall to Darkness

    A Power Outage Brought the World’s Largest Mall to Darkness

    The world's largest mall, The Dubai Mall, experienced a complete power outage this week that left patrons in complete darkness for almost two hours. Check out some of the photos and find out what happened here.

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  • 7 Incredible Photos of Dubai From Space

    7 Incredible Photos of Dubai From Space

    Our impressive Emirate is great from the ground, but from up high... The view is incredible, and astronauts love to share the view of Dubai from space. Check out the amazing photos here!

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  • Restrictions On What You Can Wear at New Dubai Beaches

    Restrictions On What You Can Wear at New Dubai Beaches

    In a surprising new rule, women are now being asked to cover up and dress modestly at two new family beaches in Dubai. That means there are restrictions on swimwear that don’t allow bikinis to be worn. Find out the details here!

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  • Dubai’s Sheikha’s Take Wakeboarding to a Whole New Level

    Dubai’s Sheikha’s Take Wakeboarding to a Whole New Level

    Dubai's princesses took two popular water sports and gave their own spin on them, as they were pulled by horses while surfing and wakeboarding at Jumeirah. Watch the amazing footage here!

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  • 5 Reasons Why Emirates Airline Deserve to Be Number One

    5 Reasons Why Emirates Airline Deserve to Be Number One

    Emirates Airline won the award for the best airline in the world this week from TripAdvisor, and here's 5 reasons why we're not surprised that they did!

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  • UAE Temperatures Reach as High as 44C This Week

    UAE Temperatures Reach as High as 44C This Week

    Temperatures across the UAE are beginning to soar, with the highest recorded for April so far being 44 degrees Celsius, catch up on the latest weather news here!

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  • The Dubai Safari is Nearing Completion

    The Dubai Safari is Nearing Completion

    One of the most highly anticipated attractions in the Emirate, the Dubai Safari, is nearing completion. It was postponed a few times but it’s expected to open soon. Here's the latest updates and what you should know.

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  •  Video: Rare Footage of Orcas Off the UAE’s Coast

    Video: Rare Footage of Orcas Off the UAE’s Coast

    A group of divers were treated to a once in a lifetime experience when they were joined with two orcas in the UAE's waters, captured in this amazing video. Check it out here!

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  • The Story Behind the Abandoned Plane in Umm Al Quwain

    The Story Behind the Abandoned Plane in Umm Al Quwain

    Anyone who has visited Umm Al Quwain will be familiar with the old abandoned plane found there. But what is its history and story as to why it arrived here. Find out here!

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  • These Two New Expo Projects are Impressive

    Ever since the announcement that Dubai would host Expo 2020, we've seen many new projects come to life. Now that the date is getting closer, more recent plans have been revealed for the central hub and a metro station.

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  • This is THE Most Riskiest Picture of Dubai

    In a recent stunt that can only be described as nerve-wreckingly daft, a 23 year old Russian model climbed to the top of Cayan Tower (that huge twisted one in Dubai Marina) and decided to HANG OFF the side of it.

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  • Keep Out the Rain With These 4 Indoor Activities Under AED 99

    A lot of us are guilty of setting autopilot to the mall or beach or pool at the weekend, but when the weather makes it a little uncomfortable outside and results in the malls being jam-packed, there's few other options except dining experiences to enjoy. Here's four indoor activities you can enjoy in Dubai... Plus the best part? They're all under AED 99 per person, so you won't break the bank.

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  • 5 Dubai Restaurants You Can Enjoy For Under AED 99

    While a lot of us look forward to the arrival of rain in the Emirate, it means a lot of our favourite weekend activities are rendered both useless, and a little uncomfortable. Say goodbye to the beach, pool and desert safaris when the rain is in town. Here's 5 restaurants that you can indulge in for under AED 99 while you watch the rain fall outside...

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  • 5 Places You Can Enjoy an Abra Ride in Dubai

    Between the glitz and glam of Dubai's fabulous lifestyle, there's unique opportunities nestled into the heart of communities that offer the most perfect, authetic experience for residents and tourists alike.

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  • The Changing Face of Dubai’s Coastline

    The Changing Face of Dubai’s Coastline

    The UAE government is already dazzling us with future plans for the country. A new project, Dubai Harbour, is being developed between the Dubai Marina and the Palm. Here are all the details.

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  • An Auntie's Guide to Dubai with Kids

    Living in Dubai, it's not uncommon for family to come and visit us, so if you're an auntie yourself here's some tips and ideas to help you plan the best vacation for everyone! Here’s where we took them, how they enjoyed it and other top tips to make sure your young guests have a fabulous time!

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  • 10 Ways Dubai Has Changed in 10 Years

    10 Ways Dubai Has Changed in 10 Years

    When we think of Dubai, there's no denying we're all inspired by the rapid developments and achievements the emirate has made in such a short space of time. But how, and why?

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  • 13 Weird and Wonderful World Records in Dubai

    From the tallest building in the world, to the highest restaurant from ground level to the largest fountains in the world… There’s many “world’s greatest” that we’re familiar with as residents and visitors to Dubai. While the biggies are great to observe with great admiration, there are some things Dubai also holds a record for that aren’t exactly what you’d expect. Here are the 13 weird and wonderful World Records in Dubai.

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  • See the Best of Dubai with AED 50

    See the Best of Dubai with AED 50

    We all know that Dubai is a luxury city, but did you know that there are plenty of things to do here that involve little to no money? Nevermind the fancy dinners and brunches, get to know the city and the culture by heading down to Old Dubai. Not only is it cheaper, it also carries history and heritage that dates back to hundreds of years.

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  • 5 Reasons Why the UAE is a Top Expat Destination

    5 Reasons Why the UAE is a Top Expat Destination

    Following recent research into where UK residents are seeking to make their new homes, we have of course taken a look and gathered the reasons at why it isn't exactly surprising that the United Arab Emirates came third.

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  • Plans to Clear Up Dubai Rumours

    Plans to Clear Up Dubai Rumours

    Have you recently heard a rumour about something in Dubai? Now there's a way you can quickly clear it up! As always with rumours, they're often turned out to be untrue, and so Dubai Municipality are stepping in to ensure rumours are eradicated in a timely and respectful manner.

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  • Best Places to Propose in Dubai

    We've sussed out the best and most romantic places to propose in this fantastic city. There is something for every couple, from the adventure junkies to the outdoorsey and the very romantic types. Whether you live in Dubai or you're planning on flying here just for the picturesque moment, there is something great about a uniquely Dubai-esque proposal.

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  • Traditional Gifts in Dubai

    Traditional Gifts in Dubai

    Are you confused about what to take back home as gifts for loved ones? Dubai is a great place to hunt for gifts and shop for anything from garments to gold. But there are certain items that are very traditional in the Middle East such as pashmina shawls, shisha pipes, spices or perfumes. Check out our list and choose something unique and really traditional as a gift for your near and dear ones.

    Find out more
  • How To Make Friends In Dubai

    We quite often have threads on our forum talking about how hard it is to make friends in Dubai… here we have some top tips on how to find yourself a social circle.

    If you’re nervous have some topics of conversation ready- ask people why they moved to Dubai, how long they’ve been here, for advice and tips they can pass on to you for settling in and you’ll soon find the conversation flowing. Be brave and admit you’re lonely or missing your friends and family- you’ll find so many people feel exactly the same! If you click with someone why don’t you suggest meeting up again or swapping numbers to keep in touch. You have to be proactive to start to grow your social circle.

    Find More Tips Here
  • UAE Blue Flag Beaches

    UAE residents have all the more reason to enjoy the sun and surf of the country’s beautiful shoreline as it has been announced that several beaches across the Emirates have just been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag; an internationally recognised eco-label designed to help protect and develop beaches and marinas around the world.

    Want to find out which beaches have been awarded the blue flag?

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  • Top Dubai Scams

    Unfortunately in modern times we come across a lot of scams- be they email, sms and street scams. There is always someone trying to rip someone else off and make money off unsuspecting victims. There are a few scams that are very common in Dubai and here we take a look at the top ones, how they work and what to do about them to make sure you don't get duped.With mobile and email scams you can report them to the Dubai Police Electronic Crimes Unit: 04-2036212.

    Remember to never give out personal details over the phone unless you are sure it is to a trusted source. You can check local press who give out details of scam warnings and the official responses as well.

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  • Single? Here's what Dubai has to offer...

    Dubai is a wonderful place to live with a family and there are lots of family orientated pursuits. If you're single- don't despair! That's one of the joys of living in a big city like Dubai- there really is something for everyone.

    Here we take a look at the top things to do if you're single in Dubai- from volunteering for charity work to adoptiong a pet and everything inbetween. What to do if you are single and came alone to Dubai? Is Dubai great fun if you are on your own? How to keep yourself busy and learn make new friendships? Here are our ExpatWoman tips, what you can do as a single lady in Dubai, when you have plenty of time for yourself.

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  • Top 10 Dubai On A Budget Tips

    So not everyone can afford or even wants to afford the 5 star luxury that Dubai is famed for! Whilst the posh hotels and beaches are great, there is another side to Dubai that need not cost a fortune.

    Here’s our guide on purse friendly and really interesting things to do for visitors.See most of Dubai and get your bearings- yes, you guessed it- get on the Metro- a day pass will only cost you 14 AED for all zones. Sit back and beat the traffic and get to grips with the layout of Dubai. Read more of our top tips on things to do on a budget.

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  • Top 10 Settling in to Dubai Tips

    Starting a new life is an adventure- it can be scary but it can also be amazing! Over the years we’ve offered advice to 1000’s of women and families moving to the region to help them settle in.

    Here are EW’s top ten tips to help you settle in and start to enjoy your new life as soon as possible.Don’t sweat the small stuff- it’s so tempting to try and get everything done at once- your head will explode if you try doing this! Give everything time and focus on your main objectives. It’s not a race and some things will take longer than others- be realistic in your goals.

    Read more
  • Top Tips On Where to Live In Dubai and Why

    Are you wondering where to live in Dubai? There are many factors to take into consideratino from cost, traffic, schools and what the neighbourhood is like.

    There's also that tough decision to take- do you get a flat or a villa?

    This, of course, is a very broad topic and a lot of the decision will be based on your own personal taste- but here we try and break the decision into factors based on our experience over the years and give some handy advice too.

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  • Al Bidiyah Mosque - the UAE’s Oldest House of Worship

    Located near the ancient fishing village of the same name, the Bidiyah Mosque is only a 90-minute drive from Dubai and easily incorporated into a day trip to Fujairah.The mosque is still in operation, and continues to host daily prayers.

    In addition it is a popular stopping off place for residents and tourists.Women as well as men can visit although it is advisable for women to take a scarf or similar covering for the head and shoulders.Take some time to see the castle above the mosque. This is an important archaeological site in the UAE. Photography in Al Badiyah Mosque is allowed.

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  • What Wasn't Here In Dubai 10 Years Ago!

    Dubai changes at an almost lightening pace and new buildings seem to pop up overnight as if by magic sometimes!

    Here’s a list of what are now 10 mainstays of Dubai but, surprisingly, weren’t here 10 years ago!

    We feature some of the newer iconic buildings and things to do and see whether your new to Dubai yourself, an old timer or here on a holiday.

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  • Jumeirah Mosque

    We took a trip to the famous Jumeirah Mosque recently. It is one of the only mosques in Dubai open to non- Muslims and has a cultural tour program. The mosque is one the most photographed sights in Dubai and is particularly attractive in the evening when it is lit up with floodlights.

    The Jumeirah Mosque is the only mosque in Dubai open to non-Muslims, and one of only two open to non-Muslims in the United Arab Emirates. The other is the new Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.This is a must do for all visitors and residents in Dubai. You really learn a lot about the culture and religion of the UAE.

    Read more
  • A Trip to Liwa

    Are you feeling the urge to explore?

    Then you must try and visit the Liwa Oasis region whilst you are here. Liwa is situated south west of Abu Dhabi on the edge of the great Empty Quarter desert, the Rub Al Khali and is 380 km from Dubai!

    Liwa is the vast, almost barren desert region, that extends from the southern part of Abu Dhabi, all the way to the border with Saudi Arabia known as the Empty Quarter. It's an amazing place for a weekend break from Dubai.

    Read more
  • Guide to getting around Dubai

    We do love Dubai's transportation systems- all are hassle free was to get around Dubai.

    For anyone new to the city and unfamiliar with how to get around - the metro and tram are most probably the biggest life savers.

    While there is the handiness of taxis and buses, there's nothing quite like the views on the world famous Dubai Metro and long-awaited Dubai Tram. Nonetheless with the emirate always expanding and developing, you'll never be at a loss of how to get to A to B easily.

    Read more
  • Red Back Spiders in Dubai

    There are bugs and creepy crawlies in Dubai just like there would be anywhere in the world including snakes, scorpions, jelly fish and a recent arrival- the red back spider.

    They are not seen very often but it's good for you to be aware of what they look like, where they hide and how to deal with them... and for you to teach your kids what to look out for too. No need to panic but it's great to be aware just in case.

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  • Living in Dubai

    ExpatWoman is the number one website for women in the UAE and we have compiled a great guide to life in Dubai over the last twelve years.

    It has all the general information you need to live in Dubai including weather, currency, religion, culture, what to wear and so much more.

    It's everything you need to know about living here. Get a cup of tea and read this great article.

    Read more
  • A guide to camping in Dubai and the UAE

    There is nothing more exciting than sleeping in the great outdoors and we love to go camping at ExpatWoman. Camping in the desert or by the beach is a popular weekend activity in the UAE and Oman.

    With constant sunshine and some beautiful locations it is easy to understand why people make it a regular weekend activity.

    We've got some great tips for you here on where to go, what to take and what to expect as well as a great list of the equipment you will need...tent...firewood...food...etc!

    Read more
  • Dubai Traffic Police Fines

    A question we get asked a lot is about Dubai Traffic Police Fines and the RTA rules. We have compiled a complete guide on how to pay, how to receive traffic violation notifications, how to avoid getting fines, what the penalties are and what you can receive black points or vehicle impoundment for.

    It's relatively easy to stay on the right side of the law if you just follow the rules. Stay safe and legal on the Dubai and UAE roads!

    Read more

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