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Dubai Dubai School Holidays 2013-2014

Dubai Dubai School Holidays 2013-2014


Dubai School Holidays (Academic Year 2014-2015)

The schools in Dubai typically have three terms and half terms. We have scoured the websites of the different schools to give you all the up-to-date information on the different school holidays. Click on anyone of the anchors below to find the holiday dates of your preferred school. 

KHDA Calendar
First academic day for students: 31st August 2014
Public Holiday – Eid Al Adha: 5th-6th October 2014
Public Holiday – National Day: 2nd-3rd December 2014
Last day of winter term: 18th December 2014
First day of spring term: 4th January 2015
Last day of spring term: 26th March 2015
First day of summer term: 12th April 2015
Last day of school for students: 25th June 2015

We have a list of all the Dubai schools and links to their academic calendars 
*Last updated on September 2014. All Islamic Holidays are subject to change as per Lunar Calendar.

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