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14/05/2013 22:03:19
What, if it in the EMMAR Gold and Diamond Park. Right behind First Gulf bank metro station.
Not very big hall, around 50 -60 sqm + grand piano.
Easy to reach. Free parking for 1 hour, MORE and Di Casa cafes in same location.
Please, check contact details on Facebook. /WMCdubai, or contact zero five five - 4 7 6 1 2 1 7

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28/04/2013 10:06:23
Totally opposite direction, but The music box in DSO, have just expanded and have a large room, which can definitely be used for dance. They even have a gorgeous grand piano in there which might help for ballet?

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28/04/2013 08:56:38
Hi, I may be able to help. Please give me a call on 0561148808.

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28/04/2013 08:50:33
Pikachu wrote:
Not the area you want but our school rents the ballet studio out - no idea if it's suitable...
edited by Pikachu on 25/04/2013

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25/04/2013 18:51:02
Not the area you want but our school rents the ballet studio out - no idea if it's suitable...
edited by Pikachu on 25/04/2013

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25/04/2013 17:29:11
Looking for a dance studio which rents outs on hourly basis as urgently looking for one not so expensive as i used to rent out the dance studio at kadomz but due to renovations that they are doing i cannot use that space. Preferably in the JLT area, Marina Area which is close to a Metro stations.

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08/12/2011 15:28:58
Anna, can you tell us where is the location and if they have dance classes for adult ? I am looking for a place like this in Umm suqeim and so far has been unlucky...

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08/12/2011 14:55:09
have you tried The Fridge?

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08/12/2011 14:28:38
Think you will struggle to find something suitable as most of the really good facilities are taken already.
Turning Pointe are in at all of the GEMS schools and also they have the Palm studio now too.
When my friends daughter had her Ballet exams with Turning Pointe they used the schools in the holidays so it seemed to be no problem with the schools being closed.

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07/12/2011 18:31:00
There is a new Dance studio in JLT, Fortune Executive Tower, available for rent: 200 aed per hour.
Contact No: 0508806775

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