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High Blood Pressure - Amvasc

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05/01/2011 21:32:13
Why are you not happy? Don't you trust your doctor? Would you rather have a stroke?

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05/01/2011 21:37:30
Babylons wrote:
Has anyone been prescribed Amvasc 2.5mg for high BP?
Did you any side effects?
Did it reduce your BP?

Im not happy as Ive been told I need to take this if I am to commence exercise next week. Ive had a virus and was hoping to reduce my BP through improving my diet, getting fit and losing weight...

For many people unfortunately HBP is genetic and not affected by fitness, diet or any other lifestyle factor, and can only be controlled by drugs.
If you are worried about the diagnosis, get a second, MEDICAL, opinion, rather than asking questions on a forum.
You are talking about your health, not a hairdo.

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