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T20 Cricket Channels

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10/02/2011 12:01:51
Hi All,

We currently have OSN and my husband wants to watch the T20 which is starting any day now. Where can I purchase the channels/packages to see this?

I called E-Life, but for me to keep my OSN and get e-Pehla is too expensive! Does only Etisalat/E-life sell Pehla?

Does anyone know if you can get a smartcard which is compatible with my HD Box (like the Al Jazeera once we purchased for the Soccer Worldcup)?

Alternatively any other advise will be appreciated.

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10/02/2011 15:15:52
I think you mean the ICC world cup cricket?
It's going to be telecast on Cric One channel. Apart from etisalat, you can also get it through directly contacting Pehla:
Check the above website for details on how to subscribe.
But I think it'll cost the same if you subsribe through Etlsaiat or Pehla directly. Maybe you can try going for the basic package and ask for the Cric One channel as well (maybe pay just for that channel).

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10/02/2011 17:18:04
Thanks terrible-twos! What I know about cricket is scary...

But yes, I think it is the ICC world cup cricket. I'll have a look into the website.


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