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01/08/2011 20:22:19
Have just acquire our liquor licence, issued in Abu Dhabi and have a couple of questions.

Is there any difference/restrictions in use between licence issued in AD or Dubai?

Will any of the liquor shops be open during Ramadan and is so which ones/ times would be great.

Thanks everyone

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01/08/2011 20:29:11
None of the booze shops are open during Ramadan. As far as I'm aware, the license is valid for transportation in the Emirate it's issued in. It should state this on the back. Do you live in Dubai? If so you should have got one for Dubai really.
edited by Chocs01 on 01/08/2011

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01/08/2011 20:32:26
It seems that the Dubai alcohol shops are open during Ramadan, and working normal hours if what I noticed today is correct. However I don't know anything about Abu Dhabi.

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01/08/2011 20:34:23
Really? All the 'hole in the walls' are definitely shut. But of course, what am I thinking, if there's money to be made
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