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Anyone from Texas?

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06/12/2011 10:52:07
We will be in Houston over Christmas for 5 days....any must see/do things?

I would also like to book somewhere for Christmas dinner (traditional) - any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks so much.

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06/12/2011 11:31:26
I am jealous! Houston is great for eating big, that is for sure.... some of our favorites:
BBQ - Goode Co BBQ on Kirby
TexMex - Chuy's or Pappasitos
Upscale - Mark's, Cafe Annie's, Tony's and my favorite Brennan's
Ice Cream - Amy's in Montrose area
Most restaurants will be closed on Christmas as Houston, in general, is pretty religious. I would try the Goode Co. family of restaurants (they also have seafood, etc.) to see if they have any holiday take-out packages. You might also try something like The Capital Grille.

As for must-dos, admittedly there are not many..... I would suggest ice skating at the The Galleria, The Menil Collection, The Houston Zoo (small, but beautiful and inexpensive). You could also drive to Galveston (~60 min south) but the beaches are not anywhere as nice as they are here.

Have fun!

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06/12/2011 13:59:53
Houston is huge so what part are you staying in?

If you do the zoo, which I highly recommend if you have LO's, they have a really nice train that runs around the park that is very inexpensive and the children always love to ride it.

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06/12/2011 14:28:34
Thanks for the info...

We are staying at the Hilton America's, Houston - 1600 Lamar, Houston Texas.

We arrive Xmas day - so I was really hoping we could have a family Christmas dinner...I didn't realise most of the restaurants would be closed.... Hmmmm perhaps this was not such a good idea

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06/12/2011 15:13:50
Hi, if you are interested, the Houston ballet, Nutcracker ... I am not sure how old are your children... but a very warm performance:-)
as far as a Christmas dinner, I think your best bet is the Hotel where you will be staying..
the zoo is nice, like everyone said, the galleria for shopping and ice skating...
I love Lupe tortilla for Tex-Mex
Papadeaux for family style seafood (new-orleans style)... nice oysters and lobster :-)
hopefully it will be nice weather and good shopping:-)

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06/12/2011 16:41:06

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06/12/2011 16:51:01
I'm jealous! I miss Houston:-) I recall having spent Xmas there a few years ago and I'm pretty sure there were restaurants open, you may need to do a bit of search though. The ones in Malls will most certainly be open and the big chains too I would imagine (Pappas, Goode Co, Cheesecake Factory, etc). And then of course there are hotels and they will probably have Xmas dinner specials. Do a search for Houston restaurants and then use to get an idea of whether they're open. Near your hotel there are some big steakhouses that may have special Xmas nights, as well as Discovery Green with the Grove restaurant. Your hotel is in Downtown which is primarily the business district thus not super lively during holidays, but it's a very nice hotel and with easy access to highways to get wherever you need to be.
Lively restaurant scenes these days are apparently Washington Avenue and the Heights which are both close to Downtown but these are smaller establishments that may be closed on Xmas day. As others have said before, there are loads of restaurants in H-town and I'm sure you'll find something. If you have kids a visit to Nasa may be worth a visit as well.

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06/12/2011 16:56:37
How about Sam's Boat? I bet they will be open, if it is your thing....


I want to be there.........
edited by IAMVP on 06/12/2011

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06/12/2011 16:59:22
I was in Houston last Christmas. We went to Shula's steakhouse for Christmas Eve dinner. It's an upscale steakhouse in the Hyatt. I believe it's pretty close to the Hilton or a short taxi ride away. It was very good. I am not sure if they are open for Christmas Day but you could try as it was inside the hotel. We left Houston on Christmas Day in the evening but had lunch at Benihana..I know they are always open for holidays in the US. Good Luck and Enjoy!

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06/12/2011 16:59:24
The omni hotel in Houston has beautiful setting - try that out, we used to have brunches their which compare to the full on brunches here.

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06/12/2011 16:59:25
The omni hotel in Houston has beautiful setting - try that out, we used to have brunches their which compare to the full on brunches here.

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06/12/2011 16:59:51
Big blue wrote:
Sam's Boat with kids????Unless I have the wrong Sam's Boat in mind:-)

Christmas day might be ok?
surely they can have a jug o lemonade? lol

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06/12/2011 17:21:47
Restaurant 17 at the Alden Hotel Downtown is probably open too, check them out.

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