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How early at Safa Park to ensure BBQ grill for this Saturday?

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06/12/2011 12:00:55
I have several questions about BBQing in Safa Park on the weekend. Very grateful for any help, ladies.

Can anyone offer advice on how early I need to go to Safa Park to ensure BBQ grill for this Saturday? I am having a party for my baby's first birthday, starting at 3pm, so would just need the grill / BBQ at that time. I'm not sure if I need to go and sit on one from the very opening of the park, or if I can rely on one opening up after someone else uses it for an early lunch. It's important that I have one, as I've invited 30 people to come and eat meat skewers for baby's big day and I don't want to stress at the last minute that there's nowhere to cook.

Is it possible for me to bring my own grill? Would we be restricted to using the grill in certain areas?

Are the grill areas generally clustered around gates 3 and 4?

Thank you!

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06/12/2011 12:39:04
i'm interested to know the answer to this. i do know that you are most definitely restricted to certain areas, if you want to take your own grill.

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06/12/2011 12:49:39
We live opposite the park so I spend lots of time watching people coming and going <nosey>>... Bananas - if I was you I'd get there as early as you possibly can. It is PACKED at the weekends atm (Friday being slightly worse than Saturday, but still...) and people start arriving as soon as the park opens at 7.30am. It's been a long while since I spotted a free BBQ at the weekends, and we are there a lot. It seems to me that lots of people bring their own grills but then use them at the permanent BBQ areas (if that makes sense), so by bringing your own grill you won't alleviate the need to get there super early. That said I did see one party last weekend who had caterers and waiting staff - wow

The grill areas are dotted around the park so don't loose heart if the first few you spot are taken. If I see a 1st birthday party on Saturday, I'll give you a wave - we are sure to be there! Enjoy! I LOVE Safa Park.
edited by frannie on 06/12/2011

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06/12/2011 16:52:48
Doesn't sound good for us... I guess we will have to bring our own grill and muscle in on a couple square feet of grilling space. Thanks for the notes.

If anyone has had success finding a BBQ area free later than 8 am, I'd love to hear some comforting tales I have already told my husband he's on duty to settle this and will need to be quite charming to other guests at the park.

Frannie - you'll probably see us with our 10 babies crawling all over the place. Thanks so much for the tips.

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06/12/2011 17:25:33
We were there on Saturday morning & there were a couple still available at 10.30ish, although lots of people with boxes, tables, chairs, kitchen sinks walking through the gate behind us so i'd say 9.30-10am to be on the safe side.

We saw many people using there own grill too. Not on the grass though

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11/12/2011 13:38:33
We went Saturday afternoon equipped with our own grill and my husband's charm. I think we must have slipped in just at the right time as we were lucky to find one grill area free for us to use, so we didn't need to lug ours in after all. Thanks for the advice and comfort. It was a stunning day and everyone had a great time - babies and grown-ups.

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