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Dog being kept at vets overnight. feeling sad and worried

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21/02/2012 16:58:43
My lovely dog went in to be spayed today and the vet called me this afternoon to say the op had gone well but she was still very sleepy so they were going to put her on a drip and keep her in overnight. Now I'm worrying that they 'prettified' things for me and she is really poorly. Is it normal for them to be kept in overnight?

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21/02/2012 20:34:51
Betti, this happened with one of my dogs and I was so worried that something had gone really wrong and she was very ill. However they assured me it was simply that she was still drowsy and it would be best if she stayed overnight. When I picked her up the next day she was absolutely fine. In fact, I think it was probably easier on her to stay where she is, settled and contained and given more time to rest and recover. Having experienced other dogs and cats being spayed, picking them up in the afternoon, getting them in the car and trying to settle them down at home, I think I would rather they stay overnight if possible. I'm sure it's easier on them and to be honest, as I hate seeing them in pain/uncomfortable, it was definitely easier on me.
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21/02/2012 21:46:30
My old doggy just had an overnight stay at the vets too he had 4 lumps removed and had a bleed after being in surgery all afternoon. I was really worried about him and kind of wanted him home, then I thought about it and he was in the right place. he had a night nurse to keep an eye on him all night, he was just fine, I now it doesn't stop you worrying. Can you talk to the vet to ask any questions you may have? My vets was AMAZING and called me to talk to me (made me feel a lot better) they also had said I could have gone to see him, but I thought that would be stressfull for him and my 2 lo's who would want to know why he wasn't coming home. Hope your doggy is fine.

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21/02/2012 21:55:26
Thank you both. I feel a lot happier now after reading your comments. I have 3 young children at home so you are right, she will get more rest staying there. Can't wait to see her in the morning. The house seems very quiet and still without her.

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