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looking for a french teacher

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14/03/2012 09:46:24
I am looking for a french teacher to teach @ home my two kids aged 8 and 7 years old. I live in the Ranches. Any recomandations?

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14/03/2012 09:59:38
The Alliance Française can send a teacher to your home, but it will be expensive.

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14/03/2012 10:00:34
Are your kids already French Speakers or just learning?

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14/03/2012 13:40:04
yes they are french speakers

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14/03/2012 13:40:55
I enquired with AF. it is 375 for 1h plus 50 for petrol!!!

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14/03/2012 13:43:41
I have a lady from Brussels who is great but I won't post her details until I know that she is interested in more hours. She teaches my kids who are also french-speaking and does a bit a reading with them. Let me ask her

She is not as expensive as AF
edited by derien on 14/03/2012

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14/03/2012 13:55:44
You know a lady, she is french and also teaches French in an e glish school, she lives in AR/al reem3. How can she contact you?

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14/03/2012 18:13:12
Done , ypu can delete your email address

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14/03/2012 19:33:24
thank you

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15/03/2012 17:28:31

I am also looking for a French teacher for my daughter (nearly 7), but I live in Jumeira 1 so perhaps the AR lady is not ideal...

Derien, please post if the Brussels lady is available.


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