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Veggie Recipes

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20/03/2012 15:40:57
Anyone got some good veggie recipes they'd like to share? DH and I are trying to include more veggie meals in our regular roster but whenever I google, I get mainly pastas and pizzas or some version of a ratatouille. Nothing wrong with this ebut we already do all that and I'm looking for more meals such as Spanakopita which we do with Greek potatoes and veggie bakes/gratins (I do a zucchini one in a béchamel that we do with rice) and Moujadara (middle eastern lentils and rice eaten with a tomato sauce and salad). Anyone got anything else?

Happy to post my recipes but have to run to an appointment so will have to do it when I get back!

Thanks in advance.

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20/03/2012 16:25:06
I'm trying to do meat free Monday, so I know what you mean. I feel like I'm repeating quite often, but my gotos are hearty lentil salads with goats cheese, feta or holoumi or eggplant parma or omelette if all inspiration is gone. I'm trying a baked pumpkin with goats cheese next week. I would love the moujadara recipe if it's easy to post.

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20/03/2012 17:57:24
Here are my staples:


I make this in the pressure cooker so I'm guessing you'd have to add 1 more cup stock if not using a pressure cooker. Not a big deal if you don't end up with enough liquid as you can always add a bit when you add the rice if need be.

1 large onion, roughly chopped
1 tbsp olive oil
1 cup small black lentils, washed well
1/2 cup short or medium grain rice
6 cups beef (or veg) stock
Salt to taste

fry onion till golden
Add 1 cup lentils
Stir 1 - 2 minutes on medium
Add stock
Bring to pressure and cook 8 minutes
Quick release then drain lentils reserving liquid
Add rice and add back 1 1/4 cup liquid and any salt you want to add and cook normally until rice is done.

1 large onion
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup tomato paste
1 cup beef (or veg) stock
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tbsp white vinegar
Dash hot pepper (optional)

Fry onion
Add tomato paste and fry stirring, 1 min
Add stock, cumin, white vinegar, hot pepper and simmer
Sauce should be fairly thick

Boil elbow macaroni

Garnish: Fry 1 large chopped onion till quite dark then drain on paper towel

To serve:

Make a mound of the lentil and rice mixture on a serving dish.
Top with macaroni
Add a thin layer of sauce on top of macaroni (this is just for presentation. The rest of the sauce is served in a bowl for people to add as they like)
Sprinkle fried onion on top

Serve with a finely chopped salad of lettuce, tom, cucumber with a very basic dressing made of olive oil, salt and white vinegar. (should be quite tangy)

Of course, you don't have to bother with the presentation. I normally serve the lentils and rice in a big bowl with the pasta in another and the sauce in another and I don't bother with the fried onions. But I make LOTS of the salad!

Gratin De Courgettes

1 tablespoon butter
1 large onion – chopped (not too fine)
5 large zucchinis - cubed into bite size pieces
1 cup beef stock



Fry the onion in butter.
When onion is slightly golden add courgettes with a pinch of salt and simmer (covered) on very low heat until courgettes are beginning to become tender.
Add 1 cup beef stock.
Don’t forget to stir fairly often so courgettes don’t burn.
Add pepper to taste and continue to simmer till tender but don't let them go too soft
Drain courgettes and reserve liquid
Make béchamel with half milk and half liquid from courgettes.
Add parmesan and ementhal to the béchamel
You don't want your béchamel to be too thin but not too thick either. When the dish is done, it should still be fairly sloppy when served.
Place courgettes in an oven proof dish and carefully mix in the béchamel
Cover with some more parmesan and place under the grill till the cheese browns a little


1 cup Feta cheese
1 cup Labneh (or ricotta)
1kg chopped spinach
6 Green onions
¼ - ½ teaspoon nutmeg
4 eggs

Cook spinach
Cool in cold water then drain well and chop if not already chopped. Squeeze out as much water as possible.
Roughly chop green onions and fry until tender
In a bowl, break up feta. Add labneh, spinach, green onions, eggs and a dash of nutmeg
Layer 5 layers of phyllo brushed with butter in a dish with edges of phyllo hanging over side
Put mixture in dish and fold phillo over the top. If it doesn't fold all the way over the top then add more phyllo on top to cover.


Anyone else got something to share?? I'm getting hungry! ;-)

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20/03/2012 18:59:43
I have the most amazing mushroom stroganoff recipe but can't put my hands on it right now. Will post when I find.

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20/03/2012 20:40:33
A couple of popular ones in our household (although we do modify with meat):

African Sweet Potato Stew (we modify with spicy sausages):

Summer Vegetable Pie with a Herby Cheese Crust (we modify with chicken):

P.S. Forgot to say they are pillaged from my copy of the Good Housekeeping Vegetarian Cookbook but I couldn't be bothered fannying about with copying out the recipes
edited by Casta on 20/03/2012

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30/03/2012 20:15:14
Just thought I'd revive this to see if there are any more ideas out there.
Thanks for those already given.

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31/03/2012 14:29:00
I just bought a beautiful little cauliflower with all his leaves. The leaves are beautiful, but I don't know how to cook them.
Do you have some ideas?

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