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How to access my mailme emails?

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27/10/2012 12:24:34
My mailme emails usually come through to my mail account but recently I have been getting a message asking me if I want to allow this as their certificate has expired. Today nothing has downloaded so I went onto the Du website to log in but the link to check my emails is not there. What's going on? How can I get my emails? I tried logging in my details to Du Selfcare but it doesn't accept my login details. Anyone else with the same problem?

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27/10/2012 17:39:06
You could try mail2web I use it when my business mail server is down.


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28/10/2012 07:14:16

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28/10/2012 11:02:27
Thanks but When I tried it takes me to the login for Microsoft Outlook Web App. I have a Mac and I don't see why I should log in to something that is not what I am expecting. Anyone else having this problem?

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28/10/2012 15:52:17
Hi Fay, I am getting the same but just log into the Microsoft page and it will take you straight to your mails - I also have a Mac and it is not a hassle to do, in fact, I find it easier than the that I used to have to do before!

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