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Composting in Dubai

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27/04/2011 13:37:48
right Gardener also tells me I need soil, if I start to compost I should be able to use this yes? How long until it's ready to use, should I start small with say a couple of regular bucket sized buckets??

I understand I should only use fruit and veg peelings etc, egg shells and some grass cuttings yes and a little newspaper to get it going, how often should I water it?

Oh feel all 'Good life' now

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27/04/2011 14:27:00
I have a Bokashi box. Dump all waste in and add some bran "stuff" and it ferments. You get a liquid fertilizer from it then make compost once bin is full either directly in soil or in a large pot. I keep it in my kitchen under sink. Bit smelly when you open it but grass looks fab! There is a website of the lady that supplies it here.

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27/04/2011 18:00:43
Use the Bokashi bin as well, no smell and beautiful plants!

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